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ConCon Manchester: user journeys for services

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Session 1: user journeys for services

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ConCon Manchester: user journeys for services

  1. 1. User journeys for services Sean Walsh Sophy Colbert
  2. 2. GDSSean Why do people use a service?
  3. 3. GDSSean They have to do something?
  4. 4. ● They have to for their job ● A letter told them they have to ● A court's told them they have to GDSSean
  5. 5. Or they want to… GDSSean
  6. 6. OPGSophy How do people find a service?
  7. 7. OPGSophy ● organic search (usually good) ● internal search (sometimes not good) ● direct (risky) ● referral (expectations may not be met)
  8. 8. OPGSophy User research tells content designers: ● what people do before they start ● what else they are doing at the time ● why they read - has something gone wrong?
  9. 9. OPGSophy ● laptop/desktop (mostly focused on the task in hand) ● mobile/tablet (almost certainly multi- tasking)
  10. 10. Where do content designers come in? GDSSean
  11. 11. Good content from the start Research early, influence early GDSSean
  12. 12. Talk to GDS (early) ● what have you found out? ● how should your service link to GOV.UK content? GDSSean
  13. 13. Inside the service GDSSean
  14. 14. How do people fail? They haven’t got something They don’t know what to enter GDSSean
  15. 15. OPGSophy When things go wrong... ...people pick up the phone
  16. 16. OPGSophy Contact centre calls can tell us a lot: ● what went wrong ● why it went wrong But content centre staff are under pressure to finish calls quickly
  17. 17. OPGSophy A small group of super users can: ● spend more time on the phone with people ● talk about user journeys to the business
  18. 18. ● Letters ● Forms ● Emails ● Text messages Part of the journey too, so let’s make sure they’re clear GDSSean
  19. 19. Test these things too Put them in front of people if you have lab time GDSSean
  20. 20. GDSSean
  21. 21. GDSSean
  22. 22. GDSSean
  23. 23. Do you need to slow people down? What do you need to tell them? Are you sure they’re on the right journey? GDSSean
  24. 24. GDSSean
  25. 25. GDSSean Build trust Reassure people
  26. 26. GDSSean
  27. 27. Tracking “Where’s my thing” is the reason people call… GDSSean
  28. 28. But it’s a problem when an organisation hates giving waiting times GDSSean
  29. 29. GDSSean
  30. 30. GDSSean =
  31. 31. GDSSean
  32. 32. OPGSophy Talking to communications about user journeys: ● media coverage ● outward comms/marketing
  33. 33. OPGSophy Talking to ‘the business’ about user journeys: ● push back on requirements ● eliminate opinion ● it’s interesting!
  34. 34. OPGSophy Journey complete!