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Innovation prezo

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Innovation (DRAFT!!)

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Innovation prezo

  1. 1. There are 653,324 ideas • We can experiment with networked reporting, new editorial structures, storytelling tools, data base journalism and more.
  2. 2. Why Experiment? •Rule of the Internet: Cheaper/ Easier to try than to debate about trying. •Stems from “Agile and Iterative” Fail early, fail often - try again.
  3. 3. Two Radical Concepts
  4. 4. Hope is not a strategy
  5. 5. Second Concept It’s still journalism even if we don’t recognize it.
  6. 6. Technology Companies Media companies The future of media consumption We might not recognize this space EVOLUTION
  7. 7. “A Horseless Carriage”
  8. 8. Local Wiki •
  9. 9. Mistake •1890 horse breeders thought they were in the horse business.
  10. 10. Mistake • Broadcasters think their in the broadcast business • Newspaper reporters think they are in the newspaper business • Radio reporters think they are in the radio business
  11. 11. Anyone in this space is in the information business
  12. 12. Geography of the Web The information business is booming!
  13. 13. A changing geography
  14. 14. You are part of this geography
  15. 15. So your organization wants to do something crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. 16. Get as much space as possible
  17. 17. What kind of innovation do you want to do? Fixing “their” problems or finding new ones……
  18. 18. Who is making calls. What’s the level of tolerance for failure.
  19. 19. It’s okay to fail. • Fail early and fail often. • The faster you fail - the faster you’ll learn. It’s not a problem until it’s a problem.....
  20. 20. Collaboration • Content is King and is the most important. • Collaboration is Queen and is the most powerful
  21. 21. Foundation for Collaboration • Trust:Work with folks you can trust • Never forced: In interest of all parties • “Buy in” with decision makers • Key liaison: Somebody from all parties tasked to project • Commitment of time/resources or money. Doesn’t need to be all three • The story/project: Must be at the heart of everything.
  22. 22. The $10 version of Spot.Us
  23. 23. What does it look like?
  24. 24. “Simple is better - we are designing for readers not other mobile experts.”
  25. 25. EAT YOUR DOG FOOD!!
  26. 26. Every page in your CMS should preview mobile
  27. 27. Here Comes Everybody • Figuring out success on the web is like predicting the weather. It’s not an exact science - but we are getting better all the time. • Journalism will only succeed on the shoulders of its failures. (May a thousand flowers bloom). • The law of numbers says we will figure this out.
  28. 28. • Story time....... How does a four-year-old interact with the world?