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Business development 2.0 for energy saving solutions

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Over view of 4 alternative strategies to involve stakeholders in promoting and implementing energy saving solutions

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Business development 2.0 for energy saving solutions

  1. 1. The  political  marketing   of  energy  saving  solutions   Some  thoughts   10  February  2010  
  2. 2. Problem   There  is  a,  seemingly  unbridgeable,  gap  between     supply  of  energy  saving  products  and  market  demand   2  
  3. 3. Reasons  for  this  gap   Many  stakeholders….   •  City  Council   •  Civic  servants   •  Constructors   •  Engineers   •  Environmental  agencies   •  Housing  corporaCons   •  Real  estate  developers   …  with  varied,  some7mes     conflic7ng  interests   •  Energy  saving   •  ElecCons  coming  up   •  Financial  gain  (revenue)   •  Financial  savings  (budget)   •  Public  opinion   •  Quality  of  construcCon  vs.  price   •  Cost  of  buying  vs.  cost  of   ownership   3  
  4. 4. Result   •  Every  stakeholder  is  ‘fighCng’   for  his  own  interest   –  No  interest  in  /  knowledge  of   other  stakeholders   –  “My  loss  is  your  gain”         •  No  real  joint  efforts  to  tackle   the  real  issues   Leading  to…..   4  
  5. 5. Tunnel  vision     Sub-­‐opCmal  soluCons  for  the  really  big  issues   Not  effecCve  enough    &    very    costly   5  
  6. 6. Solutions…..?   6  
  7. 7. Various  options   •  Lead  the  opinions   –  Take  control  of  public  opinion   •  Fight  the  resistance   –  Keep  pushing  the  benefits  of  your  products,     in  the  end  someone  might  pay  aWenCon   •  Be  a  temporary  poliCcian   –  Influence  the  mindset  of  the  various  stakeholders   •  Walk  away   –  Focus  on  other  business   7  
  8. 8. Lead  the  opinions   •  Take  control  of  public  opinion   •  Pro:  re-­‐enforces  market  leadership     of  Thermaflex   •  Con:  invest  now  (money/people)   with  uncertain  benefits  in  future   •  To  do   –  Define  opinion   –  IdenCfy  stakeholders  (decision  makers  and  decision  influencers)   –  IniCate  frequent    meeCngs  focussing  on  content  and  issues   –  Develop  relaConship  build  on  trust  and  experCse   –  Offer  ‘proof  of  concept’  at  every  stage   8  
  9. 9. Fight  the  resistance   •  Keep  pushing  the  benefits  of  your     products   •  SomeCme,  someone  might  pay     aWenCon   •  Pro:  use  your  strengths   •  Con:  demands  lots  of  energy     and  perseverance   •  To  do   –  Choose  your  baWles   –  Find  best  ‘weapons’   –  Keep  going  !!!   9  
  10. 10. Be  a  temporary  politician   •  Influence  the  mindset  of  the  various  stakeholders   •  Pro:  every  stakeholder  is  involved,  lots  of  useful  informaCon   •  Con:  based  on  your  company’s  strengths…?   •  To  do   –  IdenCfy  stakeholders  &  interest   –  Develop  coaliCons   –  Collect  all  relevant  informaCon   –  Influence  public  opinion   –  Bring  stakeholders  together   –  Define  “what’s  in  it  for  them?”   10  
  11. 11. Walk  away   •  Focus  on  other  business  and  other   markets   •  Pro:  not  very  demanding   •  Con:  undermines  your  mission   as  market  leader…?   •  To  do   –  IdenCfy  other  opportuniCes   –  Inform  you  company  &  board  of  your   ‘new’  strategic  direcCon   11  
  12. 12. Solutions  are  easy  to  deDine  …   …  but  much  harder  to  put  into  pracCce        Assistance        is  just  a                                away…..   12  
  13. 13. Voor  meer  details  of  vragen   13"" 06 – 105 371 58" "Dirk Heuff @kyboko" kyboko" DirkHeuff" Kyboko is een gespecialiseerd advies- & trainingsbureau voor business development van innovaties. Bedrijven schakelen ons in voor structurele verbetering van hun klantgericht denken & doen, market entry planning, en efficiënte integratie van de sales- & marketingtaken. Die leidt tot betere klantrelaties en verbetering van omzet en marge. Onze klanten waarderen Kyboko niet alleen om de vakinhoudelijke kennis en ervaring op het gebied van business development, maar ook om de pragmatische manier van opereren.