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Disrupt - Connecting Brands to Youth Culture

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Check out our new Disrupt - Brand & Agency overview. We’re looking to wrap up our 2016 brand roster of forward thinking disruptive brands who want to take their part in leading youth culture. We believe youth culture is changing the world, we want brands who are looking to take risks and empower the next generation to make the difference.

We believe the brands that lead culture will be more successful than those who follow it. Work with us to leverage influencers, content and media and join a new revolution in marketing.

If you look after a brand and believe in the shift culture is taking Holla at us.

Fortune Favours the Disruptive

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Disrupt - Connecting Brands to Youth Culture

  1. 1. Connecting brands to youth culture Disrupt Media
  2. 2. 2 We are the Disruptive Generation. The creators of youth culture.
  3. 3. 3 The Disruptors. Discover the Disruptive Generation. 16 million 13-34 year olds consuming media each day. We are the leading platform for disruptors, the 15% of the population that create, curate and instigate. Bloggers, artists, social media stars and youth brands that influence the rest of the 16 Million millennials.
  4. 4. 4 Network. Distribute. How we get down. Discover your brands position in culture. Ideas that entertain, inspire and inform Plug into influencers and We connect brands to youth culture. By creating stories, content and distributing it to our media network of 5 Million people and beyond. Studios. Develop. Lab. Discover.
  5. 5. An audience insight tool into 
 the Disruptors. 
 150 of the leading youth culture influencers. Access data from a hyper targeted reach of 5 million The trendsetters, creators and influencers across youth culture. D-Lab GenX20% Nouveau M illenials50% Mid Millenials 20% Pro Millenials 10% Rest of UK Population 16+ Million Millennials Disruptive Gen
 5m Reach

  6. 6. We believe brands that lead culture are more successful than those that follow it. Set trends and break rules.
  7. 7. Studio. Connect to culture.
 Get people hyped about your brand. Brand Strategy Content Marketing Media 
 Planning Talent Partnerships Communications, brand strategy and content creation to position your brand in culture.
  8. 8. 8 Our ideas drive fans, views and revenue.Over 100 million content views, 60 Million engagements and over 2+ million products sold for the likes Alize KADrinks, House of Marley, Puma and more.
  9. 9. 9 +Created the first ever GrimeAwards ceremony +We've released a Top 20 UKAlbum +Created content with over 10 Million views +Built the UK’s leading urban website and Mobile app +Helped Diversity launch clothing brand FACE +Built a collaboration with Topman x Jamal Edwards We create culture. We are not an agency. We’ve had over 100 million hits, helped build the biggest urban music platform and released a top 20 album….and we’re only just getting started.
  10. 10. Network. Distribute, and deliver content to 5 million people and beyond with our platforms, creators and influencers. Our leading youth culture network plugging your content into websites, platforms, curators and influencers. Plug into a network of 5 million. Content Production Media Buying +Ads Content Distribution Influencer Network We leverage social profiles, Facebook pages, influencers and leading websites to get your brand in front of millions.
  11. 11. KADrinks Client : AG Barr Projects : #AAA / The Rated Awards Year : 2013-15 Integrated communication strategy, influencer partnerships, content development and media delivery. Case Study.
  12. 12. What we do. 12 Video Year 3 : The RatedAwards + 9% Sales Uplift Year 3 + Brand sentiment 83% Increase + #RatedAwards 11.8M impressions + Trending #1 on Twitter for 24 hours + 16Artist Partnerships + 13 videos over 1 Million views + National Print Press coverage In 3 years we’ve grown the AG Barr brand into the leading urban soft drink 
 and champions of the UK Grime scene.
  13. 13. What we do. 13 Video Campaign images
  14. 14. Case Study. Alizé Client : Quintessential Brands Project : #AlizeHour Year : 2015 Integrated communication strategy, influencer partnerships, content development and media delivery.
  15. 15. What we do. 15 Video #AlizeHour 
 We servedAlizé a slice of culture with #AlizeHour a content and media campaign to drive awareness which doubled their sales in Tesco across December.
  16. 16. 16 Key Stats: 4.2 Million Reach / 1 Million content views / 800K Engagements /105% increase in sales WOW / 10 Content Partnerships /12K Clicks to website sales page Media Delivery via Facebook ads Delivery: 3x Videos / 3x InstagramAds / 10x Facebook Ads / 2x Influencers /10x Media Partners Case Study.
  17. 17. Case Study. House Of Marley Client : House of Marley Project : Brand Activation Year : 2015 Driving product sales through an Integrated communication strategy, influencer partnerships, content development and media delivery across social channels andAll4.
  18. 18. What we do. 18 Video
  19. 19. Campaign Stats +130,000+ views on Influencer Vlog +690,000 Snapchat content opens +400+ competition entries +2M social reach through influencer seeding and earned media +2 inspirational pieces of micro- content filmed with Influencers +1 Million impressions delivered across paid media channels +Campaign reach total 3million+ Delivery +30” and 60”Ads +All4Ads +Youtube PreRolls +Lead Vlog +4x Influencers micro videos +Fun for Louis Brand ambassador +Social media activaron House of Marley
  20. 20. We stand to challenge the status quo, break the rules, and elevate the art of marketing and advertising to the next generation. Fortune favours the Disruptive.
  21. 21. 21 Holla at us. T: 020 3096 1335
 Studio Disrupt 
 The Ugli Campus 
 56 Wood Lane, London, 
 W12 7SB Commercial
 Faron McKenzie Managing Director +44 (0) 7932 069967