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Elle Rose Williams_What Online PRs can learn from Traditional PR

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Elle Rose Williams_What Online PRs can learn from Traditional PR

  1. 1. What can you learn about online PR, from traditional PR and bloggers?
  2. 2. Who am I? Blogger Traditional PR Online PR ‘Digital person’
  3. 3. Traditional: Coverage and Circulation Online: Links and Social
  4. 4. For traditional PR, online coverage is often secondary.
  5. 5. Traditional: Journalists and editors Online: Editors and bloggers
  6. 6. Stunts and News Generation
  7. 7. Content
  8. 8. So what can you learn from Traditional PR?
  9. 9. Getting coverage is constant, not campaign based
  10. 10. Identify what makes your client or brand interesting
  11. 11. Think about what time of year it is
  12. 12. Look at what you already have
  13. 13. Don’t be afraid to be reactive
  14. 14. Learn how to talk to journalists how they want to be talked to.
  15. 15. • Don’t treat them like a cell in your spreadsheet (even if that’s all they are) • Call them before emailing – even if only for a minute • Find something (anything) to connect with them on
  16. 16. Don’t sound bored
  17. 17. Understand what makes something news
  18. 18. “News is something, that somebody somewhere doesn’t want you to publish” – Randolph Hearst
  19. 19. It has to be surprising to be a story
  20. 20. HERE
  21. 21. Package it up properly
  22. 22. Don’t waste their time with fluff
  23. 23. Make sure your story needs minimal rewriting
  25. 25. Do your research (lots of it)
  26. 26. Don’t burn your bridges
  27. 27. Use social media
  28. 28. Make them happy
  29. 29. Don’t be afraid to ask
  30. 30. Any questions?