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SearchLove Boston 2013_Rebecca Churt_Why Personas should be central to your content strategy

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SearchLove Boston 2013_Rebecca Churt_Why Personas should be central to your content strategy

  1. 1. Personas.
  2. 2. The aim of marketing is to knowand understand the customer sowell the product or service fitshim and sells itself.Peter Drucker“
  3. 3. The aim of marketing is to knowand understand the customer sowell the product or service fitshim and sells itself.Peter Drucker“SEOG
  4. 4. 1. Improve seo,marketing& communication.2. Attract idealcustomers.3. Reach goals faster.PERSONAS
  5. 5. WHAT ARE PERSONAS• Representation of a group of people• Your ideal customer avatar• Personas are archetypes that describe thevarious goals and observed behaviorpatterns.• A targeted demographic, attitude orbehavior set that might use a site, brand orproduct.
  6. 6. MISSED OPPORTUNITIES1. Know your audience.• Are they mobile users?• Which browsers do they use?2. Understand and define goals• What motivates them• What keeps them engaged• Have that drive your content3. Assign value for personas• Missed attributable ROI for SEOs• Organize around high value personas first
  7. 7. Case Study:HubSpot.
  8. 8. SearcherQuery“keyword”IntentDetection• Who• Where• History• Personalized• Social• Etc.Action• Sign up• Subscribe• Demo request• Starts a trial• Etc.Who isthis?PRE - PERSONAS
  9. 9. HumanQuery“inbound”Profile• Mark• Boston• 3 past visits• Subscribed toblog• B2b• Etc.Recommendation• Display demorequestMy name isMark.POST - PERSONAS
  10. 10. • First list all the common traits of your idealcustomers. Both demographic and psychographic.• Then, roll all those commonalities into ONEperson.• Give them a full identity (name, age, occupation,hair color, family, etc.).• Pull an image from the internet.Caution: This is an INTERNAL exercise for you so it’snothing you’re going to share publicly.BUILDING PERSONAS
  11. 11. 100% PROOFPERSONAS
  12. 12. 1. What is their demographic information?2. What is their job and level of seniority?3. What does a day in their life look like?4. What are their pain points? What do you help them solve?5. What do they value most? What are their goals?6. Where do they go for information?7. What experience are they looking for when seeking out your products or services?8. What are their most common objections to your product or service?GET THE BASICS
  13. 13. • What keywords would the buyer use to search for a solution like ours?• Where would the buyer look for information on a solution like ours?• What influencers and thought leaders is the buyer familiar with in the industry?• What type of content would the prospective buyer want to see and use to learn moreabout a solution like ours?• What other companies is the prospect aware of that offer a solution like ours?• What trends does the buyer see in the industry?• What are the typical titles and roles of the prospective buyer?• What is a problem in the industry that our business can solve?WHAT TO ASK
  14. 14. MARKETING MARKProfile• Professional marketer (VP, Director,Manager)• Mid-sized company (25-200 employees)• Small marketing team (1-5 people)• BComm (BU), MBA (Babson)• 42, Married, 2 Kids (10 and 6)Goals• Support sales with collateral and leads• Manage company communications• Build awarenessChallenges• Too much to do• Not sure how to get there• Marketing tool and channel mess• Easy to use tools that make his life easier• Learn inbound marketing best practices• Easier reporting to sales and CEOLoves HubSpotbecause
  15. 15. G
  16. 16. © 2007 PTCA PERSONAS’ JOURNEYWhat isit? Whoare you?Consequencesof nothaving it?Why should Ichoose you?Expert and peervalidationCreate AwarenessBlogs, Ads, Web Banners, PR(Customer stories), Articles(Industry Trends), AnalystPapers, Case Studies …Be EducationaleBooks (or buyers guide),Freemiums, Blogs, IndependentArticles, Industry White Papers,Webinars, Events …Provide ValidationWebinars, Podcasts, Seminars,Multimedia, 10 Reasons Why,Trials, Customer References …Close SalesPresentations, Topic Sheets,Product White Papers, CustomerStories, Competitive Intelligence …Who needsit and why?What aremy options?EducationAcknowledgementPurchaseVendor&productcomparison SearchingInterestEstablishedProblemAcknowledgedSolutionProvidedExpert&peervalidationProductneutralinformation
  17. 17. BrilliantExamples.
  18. 18. The Online Storage SolutionYouve Been Waiting For.
  19. 19. The Experience of aLifetime. Prepare to beWowed!
  20. 20. Ways Not to Stink.
  21. 21. WHY MOST STINK1. YOU are not your persona.2. You think they are real.3. You are too general.4. You don’t target first touch.5. You forget about customers.6. You don’t REALLY listen.7. You forget to adapt.8. You only have a primary persona.9. You forget about their needs.10. You confuse personas and job titles.
  22. 22. Do You Want YourBusiness to be Effective?
  23. 23. Do You Want YourBusiness to be Effective?SEOG
  24. 24. • Knowing irrational fears lets customers know you understandexactly what they’re going through and that your product/service isthe perfect solution.• Knowing deepest desires demonstrates you have a vision forthem; you believe in them and can help them get where they wantto go.• When customers feel YOU understand them better than theyunderstand themselves - you’ve established a deep level oftrust.GO THE DISTANCE
  25. 25.  Role in sales process Each page has goal Each page has a clear conversion path Reinforces your brand, generate leads, and supports customers Serves as a storefront for different personas Converts visitors into prospects and customersPersonas + Website =
  26. 26. 1. Keep product and company info up-to-date on the websiteWHY: when someone is looking for information on your product/company/keywords,they can get it online / you get found by potential customers and analysts.WHY: present your business as a legitimate company2. Complete market research and help establish clear value proposition• Keyword and competitor research in particular will help shape this conversation.• Learn how your personas search and what they expect for solutions.• How do they consume content?WHY: understand who your customers are and how to craft a user experience thatmeets their needsWhat’s an SEO to do?
  27. 27. 3. Create tools to attract more people and engagement• Tools include calculators, games, mobile apps, social media apps.WHY: attract more people, increase engagement (think: links)4. Champion content• Includes blog, ebooks, whitepapers, datasheets, videos etc.• Publish fresh content to attract more traffic and leads and maintain engagementvia subscriptions and syndications, expanding your reach.• Measure and understand how pieces of content contribute to SEO, social media,traffic, and market research.WHY: attract traffic, leads, engagementWHY: thought leadership / branding
  28. 28. WHAT PERSONAS SOLVE FOR• Aligning SEO with business goals• Generating qualified traffic• Generating qualified leads• Shortening sales cycles• Understanding customer needs• Knowing where users spend time• Creating alignment and consistency across your business• Gathering closed loop analytics• Improving product development
  29. 29. THANK YOU.
  30. 30. Q&A.
  31. 31. RESOURCES.
  32. 32. SEARCHLOVE13
  33. 33. ResourcesBlog posts Template – Free Download on Dropbox’s success
  34. 34. SAMPLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONSTeam & rolesDescribe the team & rolesYour day-to-dayWho do you work with the mostWhat’s the role of marketing within the greater organizationGoals & plansWhat are the key goalsShort term vs. long term goalsMarketing plansBiggest challengeToolsWhat tools do you useHow frequently do you change tools - pick up new, drop oldHow do you evaluate toolsExample of a particular tool from need to evaluation to purchase to implementationMetrics/analysisWhat are your key metricsWhen do you look at analytics - monthly, weeklyExample of monthly reportHow many web properties (websites/domains) do you have? Do you analyze separately or together?What are individuals measured onWhat’s an example of a great accomplishment your team or someone on your team had?What’s an example of a really bad time in marketing?