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Understanding User Journey using Google Analytics (360)

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Using Google Analytics and Analytics 360 to understand Customer Journey.
Google Analytics User Conference 2016 Sydney and Melbourne

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Understanding User Journey using Google Analytics (360)

  1. 1. Understanding The Customer Journey Dmitry Klymenko Enterprise Analytics Manager Keynotes & additional details
  2. 2. What is Customer Journey ?
  3. 3. We need our customers to be satisfied We need them to come back We need them to be loyal We need customers to spread the word about our business
  4. 4. “On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase”
  5. 5. Analysing Navigation Paths and User Behaviour path is a journey
  6. 6. Navigational Questions › Are visitors landing on my home page or designated landing pages ? › Where do visitors go once they land? › Are users exiting after they completed the form or continuing browsing ?
  7. 7. Navigation Path Finding The Top Path Through Your Website If your website was a city - there would be roads running through it
  8. 8. Navigation Path Path insights: User Flow Some paths are popular just like highways. Some not - backstreets
  9. 9. Users Flow Report Highlight / Explore Traffic through here
  10. 10. Users Flow Report What exactly am I looking at ?
  11. 11. Users Flow Report What exactly am I looking at ? Dimension
  12. 12. Users Flow Report Dimensions Use Dimensions to filter your report input traffic For example: analyse specific campaign to understand if visitors are doing what you expect them to do. Or analyse Non-paid Search Traffic Use Custom Dimensions !
  13. 13. Users Flow Report What exactly am I looking at ? Or by Operating System
  14. 14. What exactly is this report telling us?
  15. 15. Do you see the pattern?
  16. 16. Users Flow, dimensions Stay Alert at all times Constantly ask yourself: do these dimensions, metrics and segment combinations make sense?
  17. 17. Users Flow, dimensions Stay Alert at all times Constantly ask yourself: do these dimensions, metrics and segment combinations make sense? I never read this. Do you? :)
  18. 18. Users Flow Report What exactly am I looking at ? Interaction nodes cluster groups of pages based on intelligence algorithm
  19. 19. Users Flow Report What exactly am I looking at ? Visitor flow and website departure
  20. 20. Users Flow Report What exactly am I looking at ? Report can be messy. Decreasing level of detail makes it clearer, removes the noise
  21. 21. Users Flow Report When to use it You need to understand how your website visitors (aggregated by commonalities) behave on the website You need to see behaviour pattern changes for two periods (not change trend) You wish to understand the reason behind the behaviour difference for visitors acquired through different channels. Answering the WHY question
  22. 22. Users Flow Report How to find it Navigate to Audience group & click on Users Flow
  23. 23. Users Flow Report When NOT to use it Individual page insights To kill time !
  24. 24. Navigation Summary Report Questions & Insights › What content drives visitors to this particular page? › Does this page encourage visitors to continue their journey? › Which internal links get the most clicks? › Is there clicking back and forth (visitors are struggling)? › Are visitors continuing their journey after filling in lead generation form?
  25. 25. Navigation Summary Report
  26. 26. Navigation Summary Report Important thing to do: change currently selected page!
  27. 27. Navigation Summary Report % of traffic that started or ended journey on this page
  28. 28. Navigation Summary Report Most interesting part of the report is deep down
  29. 29. Navigation Summary Report Most interesting part of the report is deep down Use Content Grouping for much clearer data
  30. 30. Navigation Summary Report Why use the Navigation Summary Report? › I find in-page analytics reports often to be broken › If you don’t code website in accordance with Enhanced Link Attribution requirements, you might be missing data
  31. 31. Navigation Summary Tips & Tricks › First thing to do: change page › Use Content Grouping for clearer insights › Search for pages where people are NOT following your designated path
  32. 32. Navigation Summary How to find Navigate to Behaviour group expand Site Content click on All Pages switch tab to Navigation Summary
  33. 33. Next Page Path - misunderstood Dimension
  34. 34. Next Page Path dimension All Pages Report, adding Next Page Path as secondary dimension Some are popular just like highways. Some not - backstreets They are the same. What is happening?!
  35. 35. Next Page Path dimension Previous Page Path Current Page Next Page Path Previous Page Path Next Page Path
  36. 36. Next Page Path - deprecated Still available for use Yes, it’s deprecated !
  37. 37. Flow Visualisation techniques, best practices
  38. 38. “Visualizations act as a campfire around which we gather to tell stories” Al Shalloway
  39. 39. Flow reports in Google Analytics › Users Flow › Social / Users Flow › Behaviour Flow › Events Flow › Goal Flow › Funnel Visualisation
  40. 40. Behaviour Flow Similar to the Users Flow, but... Concentrates on content Includes events
  41. 41. Behaviour Flow Report - Content Grouping This is actually your Content Grouping, different for each View !
  42. 42. Behaviour Flow Report - Automatically Grouped Pages GA Intelligence algorithm provides a different view
  43. 43. Behaviour Flow Report - Events Events Flow
  44. 44. Behaviour Flow Report - Events Useful customisation
  45. 45. Behaviour Flow Report - Pages and Events Events Flow per page. How cool is that!
  46. 46. Behaviour Flow How to find it Navigate to Behaviour group click on Behaviour Flow
  47. 47. Events Flow Similar to the Behaviour Flow, but ... only shows Events not created to be page specific correct tagging is required for correct insights
  48. 48. Events Flow Report - Level of Detail Manage Level of Detail for clearer picture
  49. 49. Events Flow How to find it Navigate to Behaviour group click on Events click on Events Flow
  50. 50. Goal Flow Goals funnel is not Funnel Visualisation Goal Report displays connections between goal funnel nodes Look for loopbacks Use dimension filtering
  51. 51. Goal Flow Report Select Goal with Funnel Adjust Level of Detail Apply Advanced Segment
  52. 52. Goal Flow How to find it Navigate to Conversions group click on Goals click on Goal Flow
  53. 53. Goal Flow Report Questions & Insights › Where do users enter my funnel — at the first step, or are they jumping in somewhere in the middle? › Are there a lot of unexpected exits from a step in the middle of the funnel? › Is there a place where traffic loops back? › Is there one segment of traffic that acts differently than other segments? Is it converting more or less often?
  54. 54. Goal Flow vs Funnel Visualisation Goal Flow Shows loopback Does not backfill steps (true journey) Reflects an actual order of the steps Shows data retroactively Supports GA Segments Date Comparison for steps Ignores Required 1st Step Sampling: up to 100k Funnel Visualisation Identifies loopback as exit Backfills any skipped steps Steps order is guaranteed Only going forward Does not support GA Segments No date comparison for steps Honours Required 1st Step Sampling: up to 50k
  55. 55. Flow Reports Tips & Tricks › Use Level of Detail and Zoom slider for granular insights › Applying Advanced Segments and filtering by Dimension is key › Make decision on how you track micro-goals as goals or events › Closely investigate loops
  56. 56. Finding insights with the new User Explorer report
  57. 57. A GIRL HAS NO NAME Especially in Google Analytics
  58. 58. User Explorer Report Do not save PII in GA Individual, non-personalised interactions per each user GA1.2.667464943. 140000782834 PII in Google Analytics, explained
  59. 59. New dimension exposed Not a PII
  60. 60. Client ID vs User ID Client ID Represents an anonymous device A random number generated by GA Always required Disappears when cookies are gone User ID Represents a single user Generated by your website backend and passed to GA Optional Affects data collection, requires filtered View
  61. 61. User ID enabled View Not a PII
  62. 62. User Explorer Report Questions & Insights › Exactly what did the visitor do prior to the purchase? › Where has the visitor struggled before the purchase? › Why did the visitor abandon the funnel?
  63. 63. Click to access User Report
  64. 64. User “lifetime value” How cool is that!
  65. 65. Concentrate on things you care about
  66. 66. User Explorer Report - Customer Day 1st touchpoint 2nd touchpoint
  67. 67. User Explorer Report Tips & Tricks › Conversion Path is important › Save Client ID (or GA cookie value) as Custom Dimension Save your User ID as a Custom Dimension › Extremely powerful report if you have a lot of time › If you can’t find required user, move performance slider towards Greater precision
  68. 68. User Explorer Report How to find it Navigate to Audience group click on User Explorer Know if your current View has User ID feature enabled
  69. 69. Science individual page / event importance
  70. 70. Removal Effect Will conversion rate go up if ?.. GA provides us with the importance (or influence) of the acquisition dimensions & metrics But what about the conversion path? Will the conversion rate change if we remove a specific page (or even Event) from it?
  71. 71. Navigation Removal Effect We use the Markov model to calculate the effect of page / event removal from the customer journey Science tells us that we will lose 23% (18..26) of conversions if we remove P3
  72. 72. Tips & Tricks › Insights are a matter of interpretation › Put a money feature on each of the insights › Perform reproducible research › Stop using Google Analytics to kill time
  73. 73. It is up to you, what analytics is...
  74. 74. Thank you! Any questions? You can find me at: @dmitry.klymenko1