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European CRM Infographic

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70% of CRMs in Europe fail to meet business objectives. This infographic by D&B UK explains the factors behind these failings and how to address these issues to avoid pitfalls.

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European CRM Infographic

  1. 1. of CRMs in Europe fail to meet objectives Factors behind these failings Not planning Not defining for change clear objectives Failure to align Poor data the business quality operations across sectors Poor user Not attaching buy-in measurements to the objectives No incentive for Over customisation employees to use of CRM the system Insufficient training How to address these issues Make it easy for sales Include solutions and marketing to spot based on refreshed, selling opportunities duplicate free data by offering data in a single view Make the system easy Link to unstructured to maintain data with news and social media alerts Get buy in from the whole businessFor more information on how Dun & Bradstreet can help you get more from your CRM system, please call 01628 492299 or email© 2013 Dun & Bradstreet. All rights reserved