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Pilot 2 - Psychometric Profiling

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Pilot 2 - Psychometric Profiling

  1. 1. Understand how to optimise your senior management team's performance You will discover: • What motivates your senior managers and affects their behaviour • What key strengths and opportunities exist within senior staff • Insights that will assist the development of personal and business growth plans What do the workshops involve? • An online, individual psychometric questionnaire will be completed in advance of the workshop by each of your senior management team which will produce an individual psychometric profile • Your chosen training provider will then run a half or full day (only Belbin is full day) workshop, to be held at your workplace • The training provider will explain the reports produced, provide insights as to what the results mean, and identify potential opportunities to work in greater collaboration as a team. How much does it cost? * This service is fully funded. After you have selected your workshop provider, you will need to pay them directly and then claim back the costs (without VAT) from Grant Thornton/Pera Consulting/Oxford Innovation or Winning Pitch. Our fully-funded* Psychometric Profiling workshops are available to existing GrowthAccelerator clients to enable a greater understanding of your senior management team’s personality strengths and preferences. Leadership and Management Psychometric Profiling I now have a very clear destination for the business that I call our ‘landing zone’ and an understanding that communication and collaboration are going to be key if we’re to hit it. Psychometric Profiling is all about understanding people and behaviour to get the best out of them and to make sure everyone understands where we’re going - and takes the same route there! Mike Hall CEO, Thebes Group
  2. 2. Who will provide the training? There are three training providers available to you, which cover various areas of insight: 1 Belbin team roles via Belbin Increase communication and effectiveness within the Senior Management Team to achieve its objectives Belbin will help build productive working relationships, improve mutual understanding, and provide a framework and a common language from which to explore and increase both individual and team effectiveness. 2 Insights Discovery via The Colour Works Understand self,understand others,value the differences,adapt and connect The 4-colour Insights Discovery model is easy to grasp, remember and apply.Learn more about yourself and your colleagues with in-depth personalised profiles.Form cohesive,creative and productive working relationships through understanding and valuing your differences. 3 DISC team profiles via Thomas International Generate self-awareness and adaptability for successful teams The DISC model provides a common language through which to better understand yourself and others. Thomas helps you to recognise personal strengths, limitations, fears, motivators and working styles, empowering your people to modify behaviours, communicate more effectively and transform performance. 4 Talent Dynamics is the only profiling system of its kind that directly links team improvements in Trust Flow, to increases in turnover and profitability. It also uniquely provides you with a team matrix, giving you a view of the strengths and potential gaps within your team. The choice of profile and trainer is yours, however we do not guarantee the quality of trainer or workshops. We would greatly appreciate your feedback so that we can help to ensure the quality of this service. TheColour Works How do I apply? To register your interest,contact your Growth Manager who will answer your queries and assist you with your application. The workshop provides an opportunity for very capable and talented people to find a competitive point of difference by addressing the issue of their different behaviours and preferences so they can play to their strengths and operate as a team in a highly collaborative and cohesive way. Howard Scott Training provider