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Ppt on richard branson

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Behavioral patterns and reasons of Sir Richard Branson's successful outlook.

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Ppt on richard branson

  1. 1. Mayank Boriyale Aditya Gupta Vishnu Lahoti Shivam Keshri Dominic Varghese
  2. 2. Early Life  Richard Charles Nicholas Branson was born July 18, 1950,in surrey, England.  His father, Edward James Branson, worked as a barrister. His mother , Eve Branson was, employed as fight attendant.  Richard, who struggled with dyslexia, had a hard time with education institutions.  He nearly failed out of all-boys Scaitcliffe School, which he attended at the age of 13.  He than transferred to Stowe school, a boarding school in Stowe, Buchinghamshire, England .
  3. 3.  Branson dropped out at the age of 16 to start a youth culture magazine called student.  The publication,run by students, for students sold $8000 worth of advertising in the first edition, which was launched in 1996  The first run of 50000 copies was disseminated for free, after Branson covered the costs with advertising.  Branson had the idea to begin a mail-order record company called virgin to help fund his magazine efforts. Continued….
  4. 4. Personality Determinants Education Situation/ Experience Hereditary Economy Dyslexic Sensitive Average education High educated family, Risk takers, Supportive family, Entrepreneur Average income, Social status
  5. 5. Holistic view Visual detection Better strategy thinking Creative thinking Improved pattern detection Problem solving
  6. 6. Engineering Arts Architecture Entrepreneurship
  7. 7. Personality Traits Analysis
  8. 8. ESPF - Outgoing, friendly, and accepting. Exuberant lovers of life, people, and material comforts. Enjoy working with others to make things happen. Bring common sense and a realistic approach to their work, and make more fun. Flexible and spontaneous, adapt readily to new people and environments. Learn best by trying a new skill with other people.
  9. 9. FAMOUS CELEBRITY COMES UNDER ESPF MBTI William J. CLINTON Former US President Ronald Reagan. Former US President Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator
  10. 10. Personality Traits By Robert Cattell Reserved vs Outgoing Less Intelligent vs More Intelligent Affected by feeling vs Emotionally stable Submissive vs Dominant Serious vs Happy go lucky Expedient vs Conscientious Timid vs Venturesome Tough-minded vs Sensitive Group dependent vs Self- sufficient Uncontrolled vs controlled Relaxed vs Tense Conservative vs Experimenting Trusting vs Suspicious Practical vs Imaginative Forthright vs Shrewd Self-assured vs Apprehensive
  12. 12. Participative Leader “What leadership boils down to is People. Whatever your Style, Whatever your method, you need to believe in yourself, your ideas and your staff. Nobody can be successful alone and you cannot be a great leader without great people to lead”
  13. 13. Employee Empowerment Patiently listens to Employees’ ideas Not a conventional business person Never forces a consensus Energizes people towards higher performance Collaborating, Competing, Compromising, Avoiding, Accommodating Leadership Skills
  14. 14. Leadership Theories Transformational Leadership- Focused on bringing about changes in organization by building vision, securing commitment and empowering people. Path Goal Theory (Participative Leadership)- Leaders to provide information, support and resources to help followers achieve the goals. Situational Theory: High concern for relationship and low concern for task i.e. Participative behavior. Ohio State Studies: He is a consideration type of leader who believe in fostering informal relations. Establish warm, friendly and supportive climate for the subordinates to perform well.
  15. 15. Leadership Qualities Art of delegation… I have to be good at helping people run the individual businesses… Branson says his philosophy of "look for the best and you'll get the best" helped him build an empire recognized for its young, fun culture… •“If a flower is watered, it flourishes. If not, it shrivels up & dies.” Employee should be given the opportunity to do well in a different Virgin Group job. Firing is seldom an option… Motivational strategies extend to innovative ideas. Inspire people to think like entrepreneurs, and whatever you do, treat them like adults. “One thing is certain in business. You & everyone around you will make mistake.You have to trust people around y ou to learn from their mistakes. Blame and recriminations are pointless.”
  16. 16. Virgin Companies
  17. 17. Philanthropic Works • Branson has pledged to commit $3 billion, all profits from his travel firms over the next ten years, to the reduction of global warming. • Branson started his first charity, “Student Valley Centre”, when he was only 17. • Richard is Patron of the International Rescue Corps. • In 2007, Branson formed The Elders – a small, dedicated group of leaders, working objectively to solve difficult global conflicts
  18. 18. Charities & Foundations Supported 21st Century Leaders 46664 Aegis Trust African Wildlife Foundation Avoided Deforestation Partners Cancer Research UK Caudwell Children charity:water Children with AIDS Eve Branson Foundation Free The Children Girls Not Brides Greenpeace Heavens Angels International Rescue Corps Kids Company Life College Make A Child Smile Appeal Marie Keating Foundation Mineseeker Foundation Novak Djokovic Foundation Peace One Day Prince's Rainforests Project ROTA Save the Elephants Small Steps Project Stand Up To Cancer Starfish Greathearts Foundation Strike a Chord for Cancer Foundation Swan Lifeline The Elders Virgin Unite Whatever It Takes WildAid
  19. 19. Marketing Stunts