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Flashphos Presentation Barbara Edlinger MITechnology

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MITechnology Innovation: Presentation on complete thermochemical recycling of sewage sludge

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Flashphos Presentation Barbara Edlinger MITechnology

  1. 1. FlashPhos Complete thermochemical recycling of sewage sludge Mianyang, 5th of September 2019 Barbara Edlinger
  2. 2. The problem with phosphorus: • No life without phosphorus • Growing world population • Irreplacable in fertilizers • Sources are running out in ~300 years strongly rising prices • High pollutant content of conventional fertilizers • destruction of environment due to mining
  3. 3. The problem with sewage sludge: • Harmful to use in agriculture as fertilizer: Strongly polluted by heavy metals Residues of medicals and hormones Therefore: • In Europe sewage sludge is being dried and burnt in cement industry or in power plants loss of highly valuable phosphorus content
  4. 4. The problem with cement: • Responsible for ~7% of global CO2emission • Annual cement demand: 4,5 Billion tons main producer: China • Destruction of environment due to mining operations
  5. 5. 5 07.08.2019 Fußzeile hinzufügen Sewage sludge Schritt 2 Titel Schritt 3 Titel Schritt 4 Titel Schritt 5 Titel Foto Reaktor!
  6. 6. Targets: • Recovery of Critical Raw Materials (CRM) • Climate friendly alternative cement binder production • Efficient and lawful energetic utilization of waste streams • Preservation and enhancement of reliable long-term-available waste treatment capacities • Minimizing CO2emissions
  7. 7. „zero waste“-principle Problematic mass waste (sewage sludge; meat-and-bone-meal) Secondary raw materials: usable heat: White phosphorus syngas pig iron hydrogen heavy metal concentrate cement
  8. 8. Latest developments TÜV-AUSTRIA Science Award 2018 • Category enterprise • Awarded for the Flash-Phos invention EU-project „Horizon 2020“ • Collaboration with University of Stuttgart (GER),Technical University of Graz (AT) Plant Supplier, companies from several European countries (BEL, ESP, ITA, GER, AT) • Estimated funding provided by the European Union: ~10 Million € 8 IPs • 5 IPs related to FlashPhos espacenet (European PatentOffice)
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention!