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Join the Event Revolution

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It's time to find your fight song event professionals. In this presentation, DoubleDutch CMO, Emily He, explains why she thinks there is a great divide between marketing and events and shares how she believes event professionals can rise to the top of their organizations.

The path to marketing enlightenment is within reach, now you need to change your frame of mind when it comes to events. DoubleDutch CMO, Emily He, will give you the practical ideas and inspiration you need to bring your organization onboard and illuminate your path to leadership.

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Join the Event Revolution

  1. 1. Emily He, CMO, DoubleDutch Join the Event Revolution
  2. 2. Fight Song
  3. 3. The Legendary Power of Live Events $565B 44% 79% 33%
  4. 4. Marketing Executive Conversations Events
  5. 5. Marketing vs. Events The Great Divide
  6. 6. Marketing Tools Events
  7. 7. Marketing Tools Events
  8. 8. Ambition Gap Marketing Events
  9. 9. Become a Live Engagement Marketer F EARLESS I NTEGRATE G UIDE H UG THE DATA T ECHNOLOGY
  10. 10. What’s Your Fight Song? Join the Event Revolution