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10 Most Exotic Hotels Across the Globe

  2. 1. EMIRATES PALACE,ABU DHABI This hotel cost roughly $3 billion to build, which makes sense when you look at the accompanying photo; the hotel is gorgeous. It has 394 rooms and suites, 40 meeting/conference rooms, has direct access to a white sandy beach right on the Persian Gulf, and is decorated with marble imported from 13 countries and over 1,000 crystal chandeliers.The beach offers a 6-km cycling/ jogging path, two outdoor pools, watersports, tennis courts, cricket, a rugby pitch, and outdoor soccer fields. Basically, this place is built to the nines. Did I mention that it boasts the most impressive marina development in the Middle East? Royalty and celebrities alike have spent many a day enjoying the amenities of this beautiful pleasure fortress.
  3. 2. MARDAN PALACE HOTEL, ANTALYA This hotel, built by Russian billionaire Telman Ismailov, was constructed in 2009 and cost roughly $1.65 billion to build.The Mardan Palace boasts the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean (built to fit 1,000 guests), within which is a sunken aquarium containing around 2,500 fish. Basically, it’s is generally regarded as one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe.The hotel boasts 560 rooms and suites, a 12,000 sq ft spa, and it’s own beach containing around 9,000 tons of imported sand from Egypt.The hotel additionally as 10 separate dining venues, 17 bars, and has 24/7 personal butler service.
  4. 3.THE WESTIN EXCELSIOR, ROME The Westin Excelsior Hotel opened in 1906 and was constructed by the Actiengesellschaft für Hotelunternehmungen, based inLucerne, Switzerland. Fun fact: in 1944, the hotel became the temporary headquarters of General Mark Clark after the U.S. Army entered Rome during WWII.The hotel, despite its lavishness, is surprisingly affordable, with the exception of the facility’s piece de resistance: theVilla La Cupola Suite, which was recently “refreshed” with a $7 million renovation.The suite itself spans two floors, making it the largest suite in Italy.Though its furnished in a more esoteric fashion, it’s very modernized with new age gadgets and technology, it’s own private fitness room, sauna, steam, bath, and jacuzzi, as well as a formal dining room.
  5. 4. BURJ AL ARAB HOTEL, DUBAI Located in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab has been known to be called “the world’s only 7-star hotel”. It is the third tallest hotel in the world and is built to resemble a billowing sail. It’s stunning architecture and scenery in Dubai makes it one of the most photographed hotels in the world. Every room in the hotel is a luxurious suite, spanning two floors and includes state-of-the-art everything and spectacular views.The hotel itself stands on an artificial island, and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. Beyond the unique and over-the-top amenities, such as the floating tennis courts and helipad, the hotel offers many futuristic dining spots and nightlife options.The guest-care is incredibly intensive. Upscale extras include in-suite check-in, 24/7 personal on call butlers, and a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce fleet, all catering to an extremely well-heeledVIP clientele that often includes royalty.
  6. 5.THE PLAZA HOTEL, MANHATTAN Everyone knows about The Plaza Hotel, and if you don’t know about it, go watch Home Alone 2.The movie doesn’t actually do it enough justice.The Big Apple has many legendary hotels, but The Plaza is absolutely the top choice if you’re looking for an upscale visit to NewYork City.The Royal Plaza Suite, the premier room in the complex, offers the most fantastic view of Manhattan, overlooking Central Park in Midtown East.The suite is 3-bedrooms and 3-bathrooms, and is styled in the most opulent old-world charm with a formal dining table, Baby Grand Piano, a library, gymnasium, full kitchen, and a butler’s pantry – though, if you’re visiting Manhattan, I don’t know what you’d need that for. Butler service is also included. Built in 1907, the iconic structure was designated as a NationalHistoric Landmark in 1969.
  7. 6.ATLANTIS, PARADISE ISLAND Originally built as a tribute to the legendary lost city,Atlantis Paradise Island is a 141-acre resort and water park, now virtually renowned as being the premier destination in the Bahamas.The resort itself touts The Beach Tower,The Coral Towers, and The Royal Towers which contain the “Bridge Suite” which 12-ft. ceilings and full length windows and includes a grand piano, twin entertainment centers, a formal dining room with a 22-karat gold chandelier, whirlpool tubs, and more.The Harborside Resort section contains 392 villas and features a harbor-front, pool area, a fitness facility, and much, much more.This is a place that you could pretty much live in for the rest of your life, obviously excluding hurricane season.
  8. 7. PALMS, LASVEGAS The Palms Casino and Resort in LasVegas is famous for high-roller living.The hotel itself has 653 rooms and suites, and includes a nearly 100,000 sq ft casino, recording studio, 2,500-seat concert hall and Michelin-started restaurant.The resort is actually located off the strip, which is perfect for it you want to get away from some of the more nefarious parts of theVegas experience.What makes the resort so famous, though, is the Hefner SkyVilla, which makes for cavorting in the city of sin that much more fun.The villa holds up to 250 people for a get-together, and boasts a massive rooftop jacuzzi hanging out over The Strip.A private glass elevator, rotating bed, gym, sauna/steam room, media room, full bar and more makes these swanky digs a spot to fulfill the fantasy of living in the style the world’s most famous playboy is accustomed to. (Did anyone say bachelor or bachelorette party?)
  9. 8.THE BOULDERS, SCOTTSDALE The Boulders Golf and Spa resort is one of the most prestigious golf and spa resorts in the United States, and really brings you into balance with mother nature. Between the swanky decor and the breathtaking views of 12-million-year-old rock formations, there’s not really many resorts that can compete with this beautiful area.The resort spans over 1,300 acres of the beautifully serene Sonoran Desert, promising for ultimate rejuvenation.The compound’s massive spa and two golf courses promise for a perfect retreat from urban hustle and bustle. PR rep Deborah Bridges says,“Our clientele is among the wealthiest in the world, but we’re not allowed to talk about who ourVIP guests are until they’re dead.” That says it all.
  10. 9. CUISINART GOLF RESORT & SPA,ANGUILLA Brought to you by the same folks that created the famous food processor, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, was built to look similar to the Greek island of Mykonos, and was originally built as a tropical playground for the resort’s owner, but later expanded to include guests. Luxury guest rooms and Moorish inspired villas dot the massive grounds cresting Anguilla’s world class beaches.TheirVenus Spa & Fitness complex has been rejuvenated to the tune of ten million dollars, and they have just acquired a $50 million dollar Greg Norman designed golf course next door.This luxe hideaway is very popular for celebrities seeking barefoot luxury at its finest away from the spotlight.
  11. 10. SECRETS MARQUIS, LOS CABOS This resort was originally inspired to be a celestial island for two angels seeking paradise on earth, at least that’s how the story goes.That should give you all the indication you need to know that this place is worth visiting.The spectacular lobby opens into a spectacular oasis, ebbing and flowing like Eden itself. Beautiful sculptures and waterfalls adorn the landscape, with serene infinity pools and a lovely spa.VIPs love this place, as I’m sure you can imagine. Luxurious rooms boast balconies where you can often spot migrating whales, and there are also private villas with personal dipping pools. This is where many foreign dignitaries are staying for the G20 conference in Cabos.