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Connecting Culture with Europeana, Museum Digit, Budapest, 26 November 2018

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Presentation at Museum Digit 2018 conference on opportunities for Hungarian cultural institutions to share and promote their digitised collections with Europeana. Focus on editorial content such as galleries, blogs and exhibitions, and active social media marketing.

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Connecting Culture with Europeana, Museum Digit, Budapest, 26 November 2018

  1. 1. CONNECTING CULTURE WITH EUROPEANA MUSEUM DIGIT 2018 Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum Douglas McCarthy | 26 November 2018 | CC BY-SA Divatfotó, 1970 Bauer Sándor Fortepan CC BY-SA
  2. 2. What I’ll talk about today • About Europeana • Europeana Collections • Thematic collections • Exhibitions • Galleries • Blogs • Social media marketing • Europeana Pro and Network Association Europeana CC BY-SA
  3. 3. About Europeana Divatfotó, 1970 Bauer Sándor Fortepan CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  4. 4. • Europeana is an open data platform with many services • We publish more than 50 million digital objects from 3500+ museums, galleries, libraries, and archives across Europe • Europeana Collections and suite of APIs Europeana CC BY-SA
  5. 5. • Europeana Foundation is based in The Hague, Netherlands • Europeana Network Association - a community of 2200+ digital heritage and tech experts • We add value to the hard work of museums, galleries, libraries and archives by aggregating & promoting their collections • Expand and improve access to digital cultural heritage Europeana CC BY-SA
  6. 6. We want to build on Europe’s rich heritage and make it easier for people to use - for work, for learning or just for fun. Vállalati ünnepség, 1970 Bauer Sándor Fortepan CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  7. 7. Europeana - powered by people Europeana CC BY-SA
  8. 8. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  9. 9. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA 850,283 digital objects in Europeana Europeana CC BY-SA
  10. 10. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Free re-use: 56,343 Limited re-use: 79,682 No re-use: 613,298 Europeana CC BY-SA
  11. 11. Europeana Collections - goals Remix of Moses with the tablets of Law and History Douglas McCarthy, CC0 ● Inspire users to discover content ● Stimulate use & re-use ● Promote open content ● Encourage partner engagement on our platform and elsewhere Europeana CC BY-SA
  12. 12. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  13. 13. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  14. 14. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  15. 15. 2016 1914-1918 Art Fashion Music 2017 1914-1918 Art Fashion Maps & Geography Music Natural History Photography Sport 2018 1914-1918 Archaeology* Art Fashion Manuscripts Maps & Geography Migration Music Natural History Newspapers Photography Science* Sport Thematic collections Europeana CC BY-SA
  16. 16. Thematic collections: Music Europeana CC BY-SA
  17. 17. Exhibitions Europeana CC BY-SA
  18. 18. Exhibitions Europeana CC BY-SA
  19. 19. Exhibitions - goals ● Share engaging narratives online ● Showcase collections in a visually appealing format ● Multi-institutional, pan-European and multilingual ● Flexible platform with video, animation, audio, Pinterest etc. Europeana CC BY-SA
  20. 20. ● Record visitor numbers - 30,000+ in first two months ● Most content is public domain or reusable (CC BY) ● Building on popularity and relevance of our 1914-1918 content ● Connects with centenary tour of events related to WW1 in 2018 Europeana CC BY-SA
  21. 21. Visitor comments ● ‘The layout, the look and feel, the choice of works and the captions of the images. Great work!’ ● ‘The choice of material, the story, it's really beautiful.’ ● ‘The quality of the electronic format of the art - makes me want to see it in person.’ Europeana CC BY-SA
  22. 22. Europeana CC BY-SA
  23. 23. Galleries Europeana CC BY-SA
  24. 24. Blogs Europeana CC BY-SA
  25. 25. Seasons - Art Nouveau (2017) Sunflower, 1896. Eugene Grasset and C.A. Bourgeot Schola Graphidis Art Collection. Hungarian University of Fine Arts. CC BY-SA ● Art Nouveau - A Universal Style ● 10 partner blogs ● DailyArt: 4 guest blogs, 4 app images ● 20+ Pinterest boards ● Colouring book ● #ArtNouveauSeason Europeana CC BY-SA
  26. 26. Art Nouveau season partners Europeana CC BY-SA
  27. 27. Art Nouveau partner feedback ‘The exhibition is great! Congratulations! I forwarded all the information to the municipality’s communication department.’ Andreia Vale Lourenço, Aveiro City Museum ‘Congratulations! The exhibition is all neat and clean – a good and varied selection of topics and artworks.’ Michal Čudrnák, Slovak National Gallery ‘The whole Art Nouveau season looks great and very rich. Congratulations for organising the project and thanks for inviting us.’ Júlia Katona, Schola Graphidis Art Collection, Budapest ‘I personally think this a great collaboration and see potential for more support between The Met and Europeana in the future.’ Neal Stimler, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Europeana CC BY-SA
  28. 28. Working with Wiki: Art History Challenge (2016) ● In the beginning - 472 articles across 39 languages (average 12 per language) ● Now: over 1,300 articles (average 34 per language) ● Largest ever GLAM-Wiki competition Europeana CC BY-SA
  29. 29. GIF IT UP GIF by Susanne Schnatmeyer, Berlin, 2018 Rijksmuseum Europeana CC BY-SA
  30. 30. Social media ● 105,000 Facebook followers ● 33,600 Twitter followers ● 50,000 newsletter subscribers ● 13,500 Pinterest followers ● GIPHY channel Europeana CC BY-SA
  31. 31. Coming soon: Europeana Newspapers Europeana CC BY-SA
  32. 32. Coming soon - March 2019 Europeana CC BY-SA
  33. 33. Title here CC BY-SA Europeana Professional Europeana Pro homepage Europeana| CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  34. 34. Title here CC BY-SA Join our Network Europeana CC BY-SA
  35. 35. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Questions for you ● Is your institution in Europeana? ○ If not, why not? ● Do you promote your collections outside of Hungary? ○ If so, how? ○ If not, why not? Europeana CC BY-SA
  36. 36. Nagyon szépen köszönjük! Let’s keep in touch! E: @CultureDoug Pezzoli kisfiú, 1970 Bauer Sándor Fortepan CC BY-SA CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA