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Should You Attend a Group Deliverance Session?

Deliverance ministry in a group setting? Is it effective? What should you know?

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Should You Attend a Group Deliverance Session?

  1. 1. Should You Attend a Group Deliverance Session?
  2. 2. Is it worth your time? Is it effective? Is it safe?
  3. 3. What are the differences between personal and group ministry?
  4. 4. There are many different models and approaches
  5. 5. Some group sessions involve teaching and preparation
  6. 6. The man or woman of God typically calls out spirits in front of the group or..
  7. 7. They will have the person declare things out loud and call demons out of themselves
  8. 8. We have been part of a group of 20 in Barbados where over 800 people received deliverance
  9. 9. It was effective for many; we heard the testimonies
  10. 10. At Above & Beyond, our group seminars involve two nights of teaching and preparation before deliverance
  11. 11. One-on-one deliverance, just like evangelism, is more effective because you can understand a person's specific issues
  12. 12. In either case, a persons faith must be stirred up for God to do a work
  13. 13. A trained deliverance minister can ask questions to an individual and discern open doors that can be closed
  14. 14. Some group seminar attendees will require additional private ministry
  15. 15. Group seminars can be very effective if done well with competent and caring ministers
  16. 16. They are best suited for those who do not have significant deep- seated issues
  17. 17. For those that do, additional private help may be needed.
  18. 18. If the minister has a good reputation, group sessions can be beneficial
  19. 19. Do not be discouraged if you everything does not get dealt with at the session.
  20. 20. Be prepare for when the spirits return (Matt 12:43-45)
  21. 21. Continue the journey to freedom