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063 the sensation of skin pain

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063 the sensation of skin pain

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063 the sensation of skin pain

  1. 1. The HolyThe Holy Qur'an is theQur'an is the Word of AllahWord of Allah
  2. 2. The most significant nerve sensations in the human body are:    The sensation of touch: the corpuscles responsible for such sensation are called Meissners and Merkels corpuscles.  The sensation of pain: this is transported by the nerve endings in the skin.  The sensation of heat: this is the responsibility of Ruffini cylinders corpuscles.
  3. 3.  2-     Burns of second degree: epidermis and dermis are injured.  In such a case, a detachment  occurs between epidermis and dermis, causing the collection of secretions between these two layers (Figure 2).
  4. 4.  The injured person suffers from severe pain, and excessive increase of pain sensation, due to irritation of exposed nerve ending particularly after the outburst of blisters.  The skin starts to heal within 14 days as a result of the process of renovation and inversion under the skin.
  5. 5.  3-     Burns of third degree: the whole skin thickness is burned and perhaps the injury may reach the muscles or the bone.   The skin loses elasticity and becomes rough and dry.  In this case, the injured person do not feel much pain, as nerve endings have been damaged almost completely due to burning (Figure 3).