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Some uses of ICT at Homerton Nursery School

  1. Some uses of ICT at Homerton Early Years Centre Cambridge HP Reveal App, OU Our Story App, Yellow Door Pre-writing app, TTS Story Sequencer
  2. HP Reveal App The HP Reveal app allows you to create an “aura” so that if you point your iPad at a particular image, the app will play a related video. For example in this video, pointing the iPad at the image of number 3 in Chinese brings up a video of a child painting the number 3 in Chinese. Hover over video and click to play
  3. How to use HP Reveal App 1. Take a photo 2. Choose a video to associate with it 3. Position where you want the video to appear 4. Point your ipad at the photo and your video will appear.
  4. Possible uses of HP Reveal App HP Reveal on the App Store HP Reveal on Google Play  To bring children’s play experiences to life for parents  To help children to reflect on events or their creations  For children to create their own auras to show others the processes that lie behind …
  5. Open University Our Story app Download Our Story from the App Store  This is a useful tool for creating stories with a class or an individual child  Photos and videos are easily inserted and one can add text or voice recordings to each page  The books can be viewed on your device or can be printed in a variety of formats  Good for creating social stories – easy to take photos with a child and create a book immediately  Also works well for celebrating shared events  Probably needs to be used with an adult rather than independently  Currently only available for iPads
  6. Open University Our Story app - features
  7. Using Open University Our Story app
  8. Yellow Door Pre-writing app
  9. Using real world resources alongside technology Children choose a digital pebble to “throw” into the pond in the app and a fish will draw the corresponding pattern with a line of bubbles. Children can then follow that line with a finger or stylus. The app does not comment on how close the drawn lines are to the original pattern and the pattern remains until another pebble is thrown into the water. Having physical versions of the pebbles creates a multi-sensory approach and is a very positive way of connecting actions in the virtual world with the real world.
  10. TTS Story Sequencer Hover over video and click play
  11. Using the story sequencer … Pre-record lines from a story on the 6 panels and ask children to sort through pictures and decide which picture to put with which recording. Invite children to create their own images and make their own recordings to go with a story or to record an event. Add pictures to each panel to show a story / record an event and invite children to record some speech / sounds to correspond with the pictures.
  12. Any questions?  I hope this has been of some use and wish you all the best in your explorations of ICT in your own settings.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:  Mitali Peckham