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Steps to a flatter belly

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Steps to a flatter belly

  1. 1. Natural Steps to a flatter Belly In this presentation , what questions have we set out to answer ? See these questions
  2. 2. Answer these belly fat questions • How did I become ‘’pot-bellied ‘’ ? • Could it have been age, hormonal influence , family life , stress? • What does it deny me ? This my belly fat ? Or do I gain lots from it ? • What has been my performance as a man since I got into this belly fat mold ? • Does my husband still admire me ? Even with this saggy skin • Or does he tell himself :’’let me just carry on “” • Do you think he does not want to tell you because he loves you and does not want to hurt your feelings ? • Why has he complained in the clinic , to friends, about the wife’s weight and belly fat ? • Why has he continued to go after those well crafted body of those female ‘’friends ‘’even though you have not caught him ?
  3. 3. These weight loss questions would tell you many things • In all sincerity , do you feel better ,having to • Breath heavily and snore ? • With saggy skin , not representative of your age , at all ? • Yes , you have had 3 boys ; are you the only one with kids ? • When would you get free from those joint pains and body aches ? • How long have you sought weight loss and belly fat reduction tips and solutions ; all to no avail • Have you done the unthinkable in weight loss and belly fat reduction pursuit ,leaving the simple things behind ….. • See the simple , natural way to blast belly fat and lose weight
  4. 4. See how much weight and belly fat they have lost • Sunday Raymond <> • Apr 3 • to me • Dear Doctor, I appreciate all your contribution to my life, so I just want to say thank you for your good work, God bless you. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "Dr Maduako" <> Date: Apr 3, 2015 11:37 AM Subject: The most important time to show you this remains today : would not make sense again tomorrow To: "Sunday Raymond" <> • HOW TO PREVENT HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN
  5. 5. See how much weight and belly fat they have reduced • Re: Alex, understand these now ;and belly fat loss becomes so easy • Inbox • x • Alex Ugochukwu Oriaku <> • Apr 30 • to me • Dear Dr Maduako, I would not want to be on drugs for a life time nor continuously starve for the rest of my life, so making it a lifestyle is more sustainable. Meanwhile, kudos for the DVD. The exercises on the DVD appeared very simple and unlikely to work when I viewed it in my office yesterday. It was not until this morning when I commenced the exercise that I realized how rigorous and effective it is in practice. In seven minutes, I felt the effect all over my body, much more than the effect I feel after 45 minutes on my cycling machine. The exercises are well chosen and comprehensively work on all parts of the body. Thumps upon to your team. Regards, Alex. Sent from my iPad • On 30 avr. 2015, at 18:20, "Dr Maduako" <> wrote:
  6. 6. Let us focus on your weight and belly fat : leave theirs , • They have achieved theirs , we can only guide you through all the weight loss tips and procedures , we put them through . • Open your eyes now ,if you want to regain that well crafted body
  7. 7. Key areas to consider in belly fat reduction and weight loss Age Height Calories ?what you eat How you eat When you eat ? Source of meal Time interval between meals What you regard as non-meals What to snack on ? How to snack Food preferences Activity level /Ability of the body to burn fat even at rest Any co-morbid or health conditions ? Any family history of any of the above Stress levels Sleep levels Detoxification /Ease of human waste removal /Degree of bloating.
  8. 8. Note Please • Kindly note that the following were not mentioned for or against weight loss and belly fat reduction • Alcohol • Supplement or drug • ‘’Sit –ups ‘’ • Any particular fruits and vegetables …
  9. 9. Open your eyes and ears to lose weight and blast belly fat • We will continue this exposition • Will continue in your email . Yours in sustainable belly fat reduction and weight loss tips Dr Maduako To join the 21 day program me /with customized diet and activity plan ,manuals and DvDs Click here to join
  10. 10.