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Healthy work life integration

  1. 1. HEALTHY WORK LIFE BALANCE IN WORKING WOMEN Dr Nupur Gupta, Ex AIIMS Consultant & Unit Head, Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Hospital
  2. 2. Work Life Balance…………
  3. 3. Are you Stressed?
  4. 4. Feel like you are Losing It?
  5. 5. Stress… • Researchers define stress as a physical, mental, or emotional response to events that causes bodily or mental tension. Simply put, stress is any outside force or event that has an effect on our body or mind.
  6. 6. What Causes Us Stress? Share your reasons
  7. 7. Signs of Stress • Physical – Headache – Back Pain – Fatigue – Aches and Pains • Mental – Difficulty Concentrating – Increased Errors – Poor Decision Making
  8. 8. Myths of Stress • All stress is bad • Stress will not hurt you • No symptoms, no stress • Only major symptoms of stress are harmful
  9. 9. How many hats do you wear? • Personal • Work Related
  10. 10. • Life is what we do. • How much of what we do is focused on • what “we” want & • what “others” want
  11. 11. What is Work? • Work is what we do, not where we go. • Work is what we produce, not when we produce. • It’s the problems we solve and the things we create. • It’s how we use our skills & our smarts.
  12. 12. The Problem with Work Life Balance • Weighing scale • Forget family at work or vice versa
  13. 13. Q to help you make work life choices • Do you want to keep work / personal life separate or you are fine with mingling both of them? • What is your focus for the next five years – Career / Family / Society? • If you could have an extra hour in a day, what would you like to spend it on? • What are the 5 things you need in your life to be healthy and happy at the same time?
  14. 14. Q to help you make work life choices • Are you comfortable with the fact, that your children may not see you very often and you will miss having fun with them as they grow up? • Are your family members on board with your Work - Family choices you have made? • What de-stresses you faster and gives you a big high, can you get a dose of it every day or at least twice a week? • What do you want to be remembered for when you die?
  15. 15. How to make work life choices? • Build downtime into your schedule. • Drop activities that sap your time or energy. • Rethink your errands • Get moving • Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way
  16. 16. Which one is a BETTER OPTION? Work life balance? or Work life integration?
  17. 17. The Concept of Work Life Integration • Work with passion : inspires us to be creative • Choices You Make • Exercising control -to meet life’s challenges • Manage work responsibilities along with personal & family needs. • The life choices - dynamic depending on the circumstances of an individual
  18. 18. Examples of Work - Life Integration • A young college graduate may be ready to do a 60 hour week in the first few years of career to learn new skills. • A new mom/ dad - time off to take care of the child • Mid age employees – hobbies - Theatre & music classes • People close to retirement – life navigation skills • An employee - extra hours - save additional money
  19. 19. Managing Stress What is your favorite stress reliever?
  20. 20. The Four A’s of Stress Management 1. Avoid the stressor (unnecessary stress) 2. Alter the stressor (situation) 3. Adapt to the stressor (change yourself) 4. Accept the stressor (things that you cant change)
  21. 21. How Can We Manage Stress? Live with an Attitude of Gratitude Be Grateful for what you have
  22. 22. • Instead of blaming someone else for your plight Be happy, this life is only for once!
  23. 23. Take Control • Small Changes To Your Routine Can Make The Biggest Difference To Your Family Life • But even if you don't have much control over the hours you have to work, you can ask yourself: In what other ways am I bringing greater enjoyment into my life?“ • Focus your time & attention on things you can control
  24. 24. Do it myself You are not octopus Take help from others Take enough rest
  25. 25. Dilemma of Working Mothers –to-be Parenthood doesn't have to be career suicide, though Baby Vs Work Guilt, frustration, irritation ….it would impact relations at work and home Goal- to stay in present moment •4.5 hrs are sufficient if you could focus •Talk to other mothers
  26. 26. “Keeping All Your Balloons in the Air”
  27. 27. Manage Time • Get organized • Get structured • Set short term goals • Set long term goals • Use a planner: – daily schedule and “To Do” list
  28. 28. • Practice deep breathing • Progressive muscle relaxation • Meditation • Soothing music • Choose and schedule it in
  29. 29. Spiritual • Church, temple • Help others • Spend quiet time every day • Be thankful • Think positive • Put your faith to work! I am at peace in the midst of chaos or madness. No person, place or thing has the power to upset me.".
  30. 30. Eating • Cut down on sugar, caffeine, processed foods • Eat nutritiously: all food groups, • Eat a little every couple of hours or so • Eat slowly
  31. 31. More Ideas… • Laugh Often • Try a New Thing • Cry • Get Enough Sleep • Exercise & Fresh Air • Build a Support System – Friends, Family & Co-Workers • SAY “NO” OCCASIONALLY
  32. 32. Even More Ideas • Let go of perfectionism • Learn to be flexible • Relax your standards • Focus less on pleasing others and more on pleasing yourself • Surround yourself with upbeat, flexible and fun people.
  33. 33. Name Your Stressor • Person • Place • Thing • Combination
  34. 34. One negative thought leads to another……….. then another……….. then another ….. Pretty soon you have ruined your entire life
  35. 35. Ann Landers said… “People take advantage of you only with your permission”
  36. 36. Your Score 0 – 5: Your life is out of balance – you need to make significant changes to find your equilibrium. But you can take control! 6 – 10: You’re keeping things under control – but only barely. Now is the time to take action before you’re knocked off balance. 11 – 15: You’re on the right track! You’ve been able to achieve work/life balance – now, make sure you protect
  37. 37. Questions?

Notas del editor

  • Talk about trying to balance work, home and family every day.
  • Most Important Hat, Balloon, Role…whatever.. is YOU!
  • Let go of perfectionism
    Learn to be Flexiable
    Relax your standards
    Focus less on plr