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Best Swimsuits for Your Body

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Las Vegas pool season is closer than you think. Whether your plan is to lounge in the sun or audition to work one of the many famous Las Vegas pool parties, it’s not too early to start looking for that perfect swimsuit that fits you in all the right places. Unfortunately, finding a suit that flawlessly fits your breast shape can be frustrating, particularly if you’ve recently had breast augmentation.

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Best Swimsuits for Your Body

  1. 1. Smaller Breasts Lower-Volume Augmented Breasts Smaller augmented breasts are often full, rounded, and require little support. Naturally Small Breasts Small, natural breasts that may lack fullness and definition. TWIST BANDEAU offers little support & is well-suited to smaller, perky breasts BUSTIER accentuates the fullness of the upper breast & provides cleavage WRAPPED BIKINI TOP highlights breast shape & elongates torso for a sleeker silhouette CAGED BIKINI TOP provides moderate coverage & increases cleavage SHIRRED HALTER offers a classic, sexy silhouette with extra coverage but no less sass FLUTTERING TOPS creates appearance of fullness and round shape Big Busts High Profile Augmented Breasts Breasts sit high on the chest and retain perkiness without support. Teardrop Shaped Breasts Natural-sloping breasts that may require additional support. CLASSIC TRIANGLE highlights the fullness of your breasts PLUNGING MAILLOT elongates your torso & emphasizes cleavage MESH OVERLAYS gives a sexy hint of your shape while providing support TRIANGLE CUP offers extra support & coverage RACERBACK provides support & coverage for active women CUTOUT MONOKINI draws attention to your curves while providing support The Best Swimsuit forYour Breasts Skip shopping frustration this summer and find a swimsuit that flawlessly fits your breast shape and makes you feel comfortable, confident, and fabulous!