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  1. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT BBALLB – IV SEM Dr. Shishma Kushwaha Assistant Professor JIMS Engineering Management & Technology, 48/4, Knowledge Park – 3, Greater Noida (UP)
  2. OBJECTIVE OF THE SESSION ▰ Introduction to Strategist ▰ Types of Strategist
  3. Meaning of Strategist ▰ A strategist is a person with responsibility for the formulation and implementation of a strategy.
  4. Qualities of a Strategist ▰ Strategists are more prone to possess a combination of 4 specific personality traits, which includes ▻ Introversion, ▻ Intuition, ▻ Thinking and ▻ Judgment
  5. Key strategist ▰ The strategy is typically set by business leaders such as the Chief Executive Officer and key business or functional leaders and is reviewed by the Board of Directors
  6. Types of Strategist ▰ A design strategist has the ability to combine the innovative, perceptive and holistic insights of a designer with the pragmatic and systemic skills of a planner to guide strategic direction in context of business needs, brand intent, design quality and customer values.
  7. Types of Strategist ▰ An economic strategist is a person who can create a sustainable commercial advantage by applying innovative and quantitative ideas and systems at a sell side financial institution.
  8. Types of Strategist ▰ A political strategist is a multi- discipline strategist who works within political campaigns. Also known as political consulting, the political strategist will advise a campaign on a range of activities such as media, resourcing, opposition research, opinion polling and engagement strategy.
  9. Types of Strategist ▰ A sport strategist is a professional that performs scouting and analysis of the players involved in an upcoming competitive match. Sports strategists typically analyze film footage, organize video libraries, and recommend attacks and defensive strategies in order to capitalize on opponents' weaknesses.
  10. Types of Strategist ▰ Working closely with investment managers, a principal investment strategist contributes revenue by providing principal investment analytics and alternative product structuring.
  11. Types of Strategist ▰ A sales strategist develops innovative trade ideas and assists in the marketing of those trades to buy side clients.
  12. Types of Strategist ▰ A banking strategist partners with investment bankers and capital market experts on corporate finance and capital structure analyses to identify and execute banking transactions. ▰ A trading strategist contributes revenue to the business in which his team is embedded by developing and delivering innovative trade ideas, models and analytic systems to the trading desk.
  13. Types of Strategist ▰ Within the financial services industry, strategists are known as “strats”.
  14. Types of Strategist ▰ A military strategist develops strategies in the field of warfare with the objective of outmaneuvering their opponent. ▰ An IT Strategist develops an IT strategy that is aligned with the business strategy to implement systems to give business processes efficiency and productivity gains and therefore a possible competitive advantage.