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Guggulu Kalpana ; slideshare ppt



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A brief description on guggulu kalpana for Ayurveda students. Ayurved, Rasa shastra students will get help from this. Follow for more content.

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Guggulu Kalpana ; slideshare ppt

  1. 1. Guggulu Kalpana By: Dr. Swastik Sharma MD(Ayu) E-mail :
  2. 2. Introduction • The preparations with guggulu as prominent or major ingredient are known as guggulu kalpana. • Guggulu is a small tree, mainly found in north western and south western regions of india. • Its Gum is used as Drug. • This oleo-resin is highly potent anti- inflammatory agent.
  3. 3. • Despite being a wonderful medicine, Guggulu is one amongst the excellent binding agent. • There are 5 varieties of guggulu- Mahishaksha, Mahanila, Padma, Kumuda and Hiranya. • Hiranya is suitable for human consumption. • Mahishaksha can be used in the absence of Hiranya.
  4. 4. Guggulu (Gum of Guggulu Tree)
  5. 5. Guggulu Shodhana • The Ashuddha guggulu is checked for physical impurities and it is made into smaller pieces. • It is then hanged into dola yantra for swedana with required quantity of Triphala Kwath. • Boiling is continued untill all the guggulu dissolves and passes through the cloth and collects at the base of dola yantra. • The guggulu dissolved liquid is boiled further to a thicker consistency.
  6. 6. • Later the thick liquid is spread in a tray and dried further in hot Sun. • The dry flakes of guggulu are then pounded with little amount of ghee until it turns waxy. • It can be used as purified guggulu for further pharmaceutical purposes. • Rastarangini specifies the use of Godugdha for guggulu purification. • In revised addition of AFI Part 1, Gomutra, vasa swaras and nirgundi swarasa is authentic for guggulu shodhan.
  7. 7. Method of Preparation 1. With the help of Agni -  Shuddha guggulu is heated with required quantity of water in a wide mouthed stainless steel vessel.  When paka of suitable consistency is attained, the fine powder of medicinal drug is added.  It is then stirred well to roll the pills of desired size and shape.
  8. 8.  Roll the pills by fingers with the help of ghrit.  The prepared pills are dried in shade and stored in airtight container for therapeutic use. 2. Without the help of Agni –  Shuddha guggulu is pounded rigorously either manually or in pounding machine by adding fine powder of medicinal drug little by little.  When all drugs are evenly mixed with guggulu and mixture turns smoother, it can be used for rolling pills.  Roll the pills and dry it in the shade; store it in a air tight container.
  9. 9. Guggulu Paka Lakshana PAKAKALINA PAKANTARA 1. Paka material sticks strongly to the spoon. 2. It attains 3 – 4 thread consistency 3. If a piece of paka material is poured into a bowl of stable water, it settles at the bottom without spreading. 4. It remains very soft and sticky to touch 1. Desired colour, odour and taste of the ingredient are appreciated in paka material. 2. Fingerprints are imparted over the paka material when touched.
  10. 10. Dose – 1 karsha ( 12 gm) Adjuvent – Godugdha, jala, or any other suitable adjuvent. Shelf life – 1 year