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The Eight Characteristics of High Performance Teams

  1. The Eight Characteristics of High Performing Teams Dr Tim Baker
  2. Dr. Tim Baker
  3. Tim Baker explains this perfectly in this very readable and practical book that is easily applied to your team. Grant Fox MBE, former All Black Legend and CEO, Techfront NZ Tim Baker does a wonderful job dismantling the mystique of continued and sustainable success. Tom Lawton, former Wallaby Great Tim Baker writes a practical book that is guaranteed to lead to higher performance. Commissioner Katarina Carroll, QPS
  4. Nick Farr-Jones AM, former Wallaby Captain and Great “Tim’s book nails the eight characteristics of high- performing teams. These characteristics are about relationships and culture, rather than just the task at hand.”
  5. I’m so busy, where do I start? It’s too overwhelming!
  6. The Eight Characteristics Tools for developing those characteristics Special offer
  7. Task v Relationship Are you more focused on the or ? Robert R. Blake and Jane Mouton outlined in their Managerial Grid model (1964) that a leader’s concern for task is set against their concern for people. These concerns are often displayed as polar opposites as set out below. The simple fact is that during your career as a leader, there will be times when the needs of the team or the individuals far outweigh the needs of the task at hand. And there will TASK RELATIONSHIP
  8. The leadership balancing act Every leader in every organisation is faced with the same balancing act. This balancing act is the requirement of the leader to balance the needs of the task, with the needs of the team and the individuals who comprise those teams. Robert R. Blake and Jane Mouton outlined in their Managerial Grid model (1964) that a What you do Catering for the individual needs, interests & motivations Maintain harmony, balance & collaboration
  9. What is team identity?  Team identity refers to the extent to which its members identify with the team.  The stronger a team’s identity, the more its members connect with the team’s ethos.  A compelling team identity results in its members readily associating with their team before the organization-at-large.
  10. The model
  11. How to Be A Continuously Improving Team Dr Tim Baker Fri, September 9, 2022 10am – 10:30am AEST
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