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How Large Enterprises Use Platform Governance to Gain Agility

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Large enterprises are utilizing the platform for incredible applications and speed. Leveraging Salesforce further to enable IT partnership with the business requires excellent governance. Learn the best practices to make this a reality in this session.

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How Large Enterprises Use Platform Governance to Gain Agility

  1. 1. How large enterprises use platform governance to gain agility
  2. 2. Introducing: Salesforce App Cloud FORCE HEROKU ENTERPRISE THUNDER AppExchange Trailhead Shared Identity & Data Model Integration Shield Trusted and Connected Platform Run all your apps on a trusted platform Speed and Agility Every employee can build fast with clicks or code Complete Enterprise Ecosystem Best place to learn, build, buy, and sell apps
  3. 3. Win one of ten SONOS speakers at the App Cloud Keynote! App Cloud Product Showcase Moscone North IT Ranger Station in the Dev Zone Moscone West, 2nd Floor Thursday, September 17, 2pm — Moscone South Tod Nielsen EVP, App Cloud Salesforce Mike Anderson CIO Crossmark Herry Stallings AVP App Dev USAA Heather Quiqley-Allen VP Marketing Bosma Enterprises Learn more about App Cloud:
  5. 5. Introductions ​ Irena Miziolek ​ Sr. Digital Manager, McKinsey & Company ​ ​ Remi Poujeaux ​ VP of Customer Experience Innovation and Incubation & Domain Architect, Schneider Electric ​ ​ Sovan Bin ​ Founder, ​
  6. 6. Stormy relationship: Business vs. IT Global research shows 37 percent of technology budgets now controlled outside of IT departments; 79 percent of C-level executives believe they can make better and faster decisions without the involvement of IT Business ignores our suggestions/constraints Business can’t make up its mind as to what it wants IT is stubborn and uncooperative; only wants to play with new technologies We pay the bill, IT needs to serve us IT can’t get anything done, comes up with excuses Business does not care about providing necessary support, and addressing technical debt Business does not appreciate the work we do IT doesn’t understand our needs by Wakefield Research
  7. 7. Solution : SaaS
  8. 8. Rigor Agility Business-led Salesforce Implementations: •  Great early agility, followed by mounting complexity, and, sometimes, chaos •  Often without structure, or planning; may end up with too many orgs, or sky-rocking process and technical complexity. Legacy IT-led Salesforce Implementations: •  Attempt to copy existing legacy processes and methodologies to a new platform •  After an initial promise becomes “just another platform” in the enterprise Conflict : Agility vs. Rigor
  9. 9. Rigor Agility Salesforce Implementations led by a true partnership between Business and IT ●  Alignment on Business Goals ●  True partnership between IT and Business ●  Repeatable processes ●  Excellent tooling Legacy Mervyn King (Chairman: King Report) Agility AND Rigor It is clear that good corporate governance makes good sense. The name of the game for a company in the 21st Century will be conform while it performs.
  10. 10. How to solve the Conflict
  11. 11. 1 Center of excellence : Business and IT as one Definition of governance “Establishment of Policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the governing body of an organization.” Align on objectives Share similar metrics of success Plan and Prioritize together Define policies and processes to work together WORK AS ONE TEAM IT ProcessBusiness
  12. 12. DO IT FAST or DO IT WELL Salesforce complexity More orgs and/or sandboxes More code, more objects More integration More data Salesforce criticality More business processes More internal users More customer users More partner users You need to increase the ratio Business Value / cost-time You need to decrease the risk related to each new release AND
  13. 13. Platform governance : when rigor enables agility People with the right skills with the right methodologies and processes with the right tools Reduce risk and accelerate your technical release management Tools ProcessPeople
  14. 14. Develop your platform governance accordingly to your need for rigor and agility rigor agility BACKUP & RECOVERY technical documentation DATA deployment METADATA deployment DATA sampling code versionning sandbox management test automation DATA quality data archiving user story development framework
  15. 15. Get the right tools at the right moment time cost Acceptable cost manual testing cost time risk acceptable risk manual testingrisk time cost acceptable cost manual weekly export time risk acceptable risk manual weekly export Example1 : backup & recovery Example 2 : automated testing
  16. 16. Customer example Schneider Electric
  17. 17. Schneider Org Usage Statistics Desc. Custom Objects Apex Classes Triggers AppExchange Custom Code Standard 49 Schneider 527 1734 425 24 8,000,000 Managed 497 2959 213 Total 1073 4693 638 24 8,000,000 Objects Records Accounts 3,185,428 Contacts 6,194,929 Cases 15,720,256 Opportunities 3,057,532 Leads 4,663,731 Case Stages 27,333,614 Tasks 26,018,620 Email Messages 15,000,000 User Type Count Standard 34,257 Partner Comm 1 000 000 People who can make change: 50
  18. 18. Schneider Network of Excellence Legend Resource Schneider Electric Resource Process actor bFO Change / Support actor Solution  actor Business actor bFO Steering Committee bFO Change Control Board bFO Program Leader IPO Entreprise Architecture bFO Core Team Process Drivers NoE Animator Process Owners Solution / Integration Team Deployment Team Change Team Network of Excellence Process Teams Country Presidents Cluster Resource Contribution In-Country Resource Contribution Delegated Admins Champions Customer Experience Business Owners Customer Experience Sponsors Super Champions Trainers Users Data Quality manager Mater Data teams Master data Owners Data Stewards IPO SFDC Premier Support Process Advocates
  19. 19. Platform governance evolves with complexity / criticality SCOPE ENVIRONMENTS RATIONALE Sales Cloud Sales Cloud Service Cloud Sales Cloud Service Cloud Sales Cloud Service Cloud ISV Prod Prod DEV UAT Prod DEV UAT staging Prod INT UAT DEV1 DEVn All in One Enable Testing & Release Enable Integration With other systems Continuous Integration Environmentmanagement
  20. 20. Platform governance evolves with complexity / criticality #users #businessprocess COMPLEXITY PROCESS TOOLS Sales Cloud Sales Cloud Service Cloud Sales Cloud Service Cloud Sales Cloud Service Cloud ISV Manual Weekly Export Semi automated Dataloader Automated Databackup Automated 5k users 1M users 20k users 10k users
  21. 21. Conclusion
  22. 22. What we have talked about… •  Business & IT : Center of Excellence to the rescue •  Agility & Rigor : Platform Governance to the rescue Homework if IT, get involved in Business •  Get a better understanding of Business Goals •  Identify 3 areas where you can accelerate release management If Business, get involved in IT •  Get a better understanding of Sandbox management on salesforce •  Identify 3 areas where rigor will enable more agility in your context Continuous improvement CONCLUSION
  23. 23. Questions
  24. 24. Thank you