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Dreamz Infra Reviews & Complaints by Mr. & Mrs. Fahad

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Dreamz Infra Experiences Shared by Mr. & Mrs. Fahad

Dreamz Infra Review by Mr. & Mrs. Fahad's, "Hi, this's Mr. & Mrs. Fahad. We both are professionals from the IT field. We are staying in Bangalore from past 6 years. When we started looking for flats we were especially looking for 2 main things, The PRICE and the REACHABILITY of the location. One of my friend referred me to Dreamz Infra. We have booked a flat in their 1st project located in Silk Board. It is very cost effective and the amenities they are providing is at its best. The home loan has been approved by the LIC. They have always clarified all our queries. Very customer friendly. My friends who I have referred to Dreamz GK Infra as well are very happy with the experience."

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