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Geometry in real life

  1. Geometry in Real life
  2. DIU Prepared By Al Ikhlas Rahman Student of CSE, 38 batch Daffodil International University
  3. Geometry is one of the classical disciplines of math. Roughly translating in Greek as "Earth Measurement", it is concerned with the properties of space and figures. It is primarily developed to be a practical guide for measuring lengths, areas, and volumes, and is still in use up to now. What is Geometry?
  4. Basics:
  5. You wants to new carpeting for your living room. Your living room is an 8 m by 8 m rectangle. How much carpeting do you need to buy to cover your entire living room? You need to find the area for this Area = 8 m × 8 m = 64 m2 Applications of Area
  6. you have a rectangular flower garden that is 10 ft long and 2 ft wide. One bag of soil can cover 10 ft2. How many bags will you need to cover the entire garden? Find the area first and then calculate how many bags are needed. Area = 10 ft * 2 ft = 20 ft2 # bags = 20 ft2 ÷ 10 ft2/bag = 2 bags Applications of Area
  7. For a party, you made about 10 conical hats out of cardboard. How much cardboard was used in total if each cap has a radius of 15 cm and a slant height of 25 cm? Applications of volume
  8. Let's say you want to fence a garden. Find the perimeter to answer this question. Add up all four sides to get the perimeter - 40 +20 + 40 + 20 = 120 feet. You will need 120 feet of fencing to enclose your garden Applications of perimeter
  9. Subject Camera  The reason that 45 degree lighting is so important is that it’s the perfect angle to create modeling on the human form.  The term modeling refers to showing three dimensionality through the use of light.  When you have light coming from where the camera is, that three dimensionality is lost because shadows aren’t seen on the face.  Put the light off the camera and you get shadows, which gives you 3D, and 45 degrees is the perfect angle to maximize this effect. Geometry in Photography
  10. 90o 60o Geometry in Stair Inclined Angle = 60o angle Each Stairs = 90o angle
  11. Geometry is part of the fundamentals of any type of design. It makes use of the angles and relationships between shapes, which will eventually for parts, arches, hallways and anything else designed on a computer. In computers, there are various software like AUTOCAD, Unity, 3DS MAX etc. These software are used for the various 2D & 3D applications and games and are mainly based on geometry or rightly said as coordinate geometry. These programs are used by architects and various developers to develop various 3D models as a blueprint or pre-design. In basis computing also geometry is used for various purposes like placing of pixels, MS Paint, movement of cursor on screen on the screen. Computational Geometry:
  12. Geometry in soccer ball
  13. Geometry has a deep relation with physics since history. It is widely used to prepare the equations for the projectile motion, the path of trajectory etc. Trigonometric geometry can be easily used to solve many problems of physics in problems on work an vector quantities as the include trigonometric values. Geometry is also used to find the direction of the force exerted by a magnetic field with the help of a tangent. It can also be used to find the direction of the force exerted on the when it is in circular motion. Geometry in physics
  14. Geometry in car:
  15. Geometry In Cycles
  16. Geometry in surveyor
  17. A graphic designer studies how basic geometric shapes combine into artistic visual layouts in two and three dimensions. A graphic artist uses geometric concepts such as perspective and golden ratios to create the most pleasing designs. He uses computer graphical tools that break complex, realistic images into many basic circles, lines and polygons. Geometry in Graphics Design
  18. Geometry in Building
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