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InfluencAir - citizens measuring air quality In Brussels

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Presentation about InfluencAir, citizen-driven initiative in Brussels to measure air quality (PM2,5 & PM10). Project by Civic Lab Brussels.

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InfluencAir - citizens measuring air quality In Brussels

  1. 1. InfluencAir Citizens measuring air quality Project by #InfluencAir
  2. 2. We want to raise awareness about air quality in Brussels by measuring and mapping local pollution levels (PM 2.5 & PM 10). We aim to build a comprehensive sensor network covering the whole Brussels region.
  3. 3. Why InfluencAir? * Raise more awareness about air quality and its health effects. * Set an example of real-time open data which anyone can freely access, use, modify, and share for any purpose. * Increase the amount of local measurements, which are complementary to the data from official government stations. * Demonstrate the power of citizens working together. * Bridge the gap between science and a wider audience.
  4. 4. Citizen-driven fine dust measurements across Europe Across Europe several citizen science projects are going on., initiated by OK Lab Stuttgart, is the biggest one with 3378 active sensors in 26 EU countries, producing 4 Mio. data pairs a day.
  5. 5. Citizen-driven fine dust measurements in Belgium Inspired by the work of, InfluencAir as well as Leuvenair in Leuven launched similar initiatives. Currently, there are 61 sensors up and running in Belgium.
  6. 6. Milestones InfluencAir May 2017 Launch Civic Lab Brussels June 2017 First sensors up and running September 2017 Civic Lab Brussels exceeds 500 members January 2018 First 5 LoRaWAN sensors prototyped February 2018 Civic Lab Brussels counts 655 members May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr September 2017 Technical improvements and data-drive tests
  7. 7. ● 150 active sensors ● 100% Brussels region covered Goals
  8. 8. Who’s behind citizen-driven initiative? Dries Van Ransbeeck Project Coordinator Civic Lab Brussels & Open Knowledge Belgium Toon NelissenCivic Lab BXL Technical Lead Civic Lab Brussels & Co-founder AppSaloon Open community of 653 members: entrepreneurs, civil society, researchers & civil servants
  9. 9. Price per sensor: Product cost - Makers TOTAL PRICE PER SENSOR - INDIVIDUALS €30.52 Service cost - Plug and Play (incl. LoRaWAN) TOTAL PRICE PER SENSOR - INDIVIDUALS €66.32 TOTAL PRICE PER SENSOR - ENTREPRISE €90.00 0-0UHqhh3KOpgl8JKEVw2A8/edit?usp=sharing
  10. 10. LoRaWAN LoRaWAN is a media access control (MAC) protocol for wide area networks. It is designed to allow low-powered devices to communicate with Internet-connected applications over long range wireless connections. Feinstaub_LoRa_ESP8266
  11. 11. How it works - next steps Step 1 Development LoRaWAN Step 2 Community-driven events (Meetups & workshops) Step 3 Citizen-driven measurements in Brussels and beyond
  12. 12. Open Data Day event - Sat. 3 March
  13. 13. In the upcoming months: Ateliers citoyens
  14. 14. Involved & supporting partners
  15. 15. InfluencAir Project by Contact details Want to partner up or get more information? #InfluencAir