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The Growth of Corporate Data (infographic)

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The volume of corporate data is exploding. Worldwide corporate data now doubles every 14 months and will reach 10.5 ZB by 2020. How and why is corporate data increasing so rapidly?

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The Growth of Corporate Data (infographic)

  1. 1. Sources: ENTERPRISE ENDPOINT DATA PROTECTION & GOVERNANCE BACKUP | DLP | FILE SHARING | ANALYTICS VOLUME VELOCITY VARIETY The growth of CORPORATEDATA VOLUMEof corporate data generated by the world Corporate data growth VELOCITYis increasing New corporate data is generated from a VARIETY 94% and will reach in the next year Worldwide corporate data doubles every 14 months enterprise data will have grown 650%By 2015, of sources: 2 every 14months 2010 10.5ZB 2.37ZB 0.36ZB 2015 2020 204,166,667 new emails sent out in last 60 seconds of workloads will be processed in the cloud by 2014 50% business transactions on the internet by 2020 450 billion 200,000,000 google queries per minute 100 million new businesses will open each year