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5G and Connected Communities

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5G and Connected Communities – where we are, how we got there and the challenges to come. Presentation by Guy Matthews, CGI Consulting, at the IoT Thames Valley Meetup on 11th September, 2019:

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5G and Connected Communities

  1. 1. 5G and Connected Communities – where we are, how we got there and the challenges to come Guy Matthews 11th September 2019
  2. 2. Guy Matthews – Background v Director of Emerging Technology at CGI UK v Remit includes leading on 5G, Connected Communities, Smart Buildings, Immersive Technology etc. v Hybrid technical and commercial background with a large input of programme delivery and team building v Over two decades in senior data and analytics roles, from CRM through BI to advanced analytics v 80% of career client side: John Lewis, GE Capital, LastMinute, BOC, LexisNexis, Care UK, First Central, NHS etc. v Consultancy roles include Cisco, Shire Pharma, Connecting for Health, Orange, Environment Agency etc. Views expressed are my own, not an employers, government or industry body, though they form the base for industry and media engagement and advice provided.
  3. 3. What 5G is….. and what it isn’t & What makes it such a significant enabler of change
  4. 4. 5G – Key Points v 5G is not 4G…. it’s primarily business & industry focused v 5G is a “network of networks” v 5G in urban areas is dependent upon fibre 5G brings a number of critical improvements: o Amount & speed of data transfer – a 4K HD movie o Number of connected devices, sensors or “things” o Latency – reduction to the low milliseconds…. enabling robotic automation o Network slicing – allowing dedicated virtual networks o Mobility – signals delivered to vehicles moving at up to 500 km/hr
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 5G Core – Nokia’s Architecture
  7. 7. 5G development…. where we are, how we got here and where are we going
  8. 8. 5G… where are we, how did we get there and where are we going • ITU – International Telecommunications Union. An agency of the UN whose role is to coordinate telecoms operations and services globally • 3GPP – Is an international standards organisation which develops protocols for mobile telephony. A consortium with regional organisation partners (USA, China, Japan, Europe, India, South Korea) and market representation partners.
  9. 9. Screens everywhere: • Smart home • HD content Virtual Reality (VR) experiences: • Virtual seats at major events • Virtual game worlds Smart City development remains predominantly 4G focused Over 40% of global population have 5G coverage 5G is now ubiquitous 2019 2025 2030 Immersion at home & ‘on the move’ • Mixed reality • Augmented reality Connected GPs & patients: • Intelligent home • Connected ambulance Monitoring & medication e-care: • Smart pills • Patient wearables Remote/robotic operations: • Haptics • Robotic tele-medicine in the home ConsumerHealthcare 5G and connected communities – example verticals
  10. 10. 5G Internationally
  11. 11. 5G Growth – UK and Global Forecast % of mobile subscriptions that will be 5G by 2024 North-East Asia Western Europe North America Source – Ericsson Mobility Report Special Edition WEC Jan 2019 43% 29% 55% UK Gov’t “The UK was 47th globally in 4G implementation, we intend to be leaders in 5G”
  12. 12. ENCQOR – a 5G Innovation Platform • ENCQOR Project • 400M $CDN program involving commitments from Ontario, Quebec and Federal governments, along with CGI, Ericsson, Thales, Ciena and IBM Canada for a pre-commercial 5G network • Engaging Ontario and Quebec small businesses and academia to provide 5G- related services and solutions • Five 1km2 5G urban testbeds, aiming for 1,000 innovation application developments by 2022 - iPaaS • Innovative IP solutions will be brought to CGI’s clients through collaboration with Canadian high-tech businesses 13
  13. 13. The Impact of 5G on other emerging technologies i.e. Immersive (AR/VR/MR) and AI
  14. 14. VR & AR – tech concepts and the impact of connectivity Headsets & Controllers Field of View (FoV) Degrees of Freedom VR: Tethered v mobile VR: stationary v room scale VR: Outside-in versus Inside-out • Resolution• FPS • LatencyConnectivity:Eye Tracking AR: Occlusion
  15. 15. Immersive in Tourism 5G Smart Tourism – Bristol and Bath Testbed “Working with our project partners in the 5G Smart Tourism project, we successfully completed the first public trial of our AR application at the Roman Baths, Bath, on the evenings of 10th and 17th December 2018. Over 100 visitors experienced reconstructions of the Baths at key moments in history, on a mobile AR app. High-quality 360 video was streamed over the project’s network, that included the first UK deployment of a 60GHz mesh network.” “This testbed will focus on delivering enhanced visual experiences for tourists using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology in major attractions in Bath and Bristol, including the Roman Baths and Millennium Square.”
  16. 16. AI Trends
  17. 17. 5G in the UK – enabling Connected Communities – including an overview of the large scale government 5G programmes
  18. 18. DCMS – Testbed and Trials Programme 1st Stage – Academic Focus – 5GIC 2nd Stage – R&D Focus – 6 Testbeds – Dec 2017 onwards 3rd Stage – Sustainable Urban development at load and scale – Urban Connected Community – April 2018 onwards 4th Stage – Sustainable Rural development at load and scale – RCC – June 2019 onwards v Liverpool – Health; Bristol & Bath – Tourism; Worcester – Manufacturing; 5G Rural First; 5GRIT – Rural; Autoair - CAV v 30 LA & CA submissions, 18 were compliant v 4 selected for panel interview in Whitehall: WMCA; NECA; Bristol; Manchester v WMCA win, next few months agreeing scope and forming JV, WM5G from WMCA and DCMS v WM5G – procurement for four testbeds: Citizen Wellness – Birmingham; MaaS / Transport – Coventry; Industry 4.0 & Construction – Black Country v Consortia led submissions with multiple winners and £30m of government funding (matched by consortia) 5th Stage – Other funding competitions i.e. Sector specific – Freight and Logistics Future – Notion raised at 5G World of continued funding to all testbeds with expansion of each and linking to national network, allowing country level testing and development
  19. 19. • Private Sector: Ø Nokia Procurement Area Opportunity Procurement Timings Potential Revenues / Areas of Interest UK Central Government Funding Urban Connected Community (UCC) – WM5G Procurement commenced May 2019 with at least 3 months market engagement then short ITT process. £50m DCMS / £25m LEP / with expected £75m matched funding from private sector. Funding will be broken across four testbed areas, an innovation accelerator and infrastructure development Rural Connected Community (RCC) Competition commencing with workshops in June 2019 £30m DCMS : £30m matched funding from private sector Multiple winners expected with funding split by consortia Sector Specific (2 - Freight & Logistics / Industry 4.0) Freight and Logistics competition commenced with multiple winning consortia structure £42m DCMS split between the 2 areas – with 3 to 6 winners in each. £42m matched funding expectation ESA Q1 2019 onwards ESA £100m fund for innovation, which can include projects from a variety of areas, including for example Satellite 5G UK Local Government “Smart City”& “Smart Building” developments based upon 4G / IoT Councils looking to exploit existing IoT based data, developing operational control centres and aligning to long term 5G development roadmaps Glasgow City Council Procurement starts Q3 2019 Unknown. Dundee City Council Procurement started May 2019 £500k for initial first phase - Open full fibre based public Wi-Fi and 5G testbed area. Potential additional funding from Tay Cities Deal based on 5G use cases Salford City Council PIN responses in, procurement starts 2019 5G development moving out from Media City Salford, across the city. County Council & LA Consortia Through 2019 A number of county councils engaging re. 5G / connected community planning Private Sector Telco Through 2019 Investment in the £100m’s on 5G roll out in cities Utilities Smart metering, smart grid and remote monitoring Construction 5G enabling digital connectivity as a “utility” for new build, public safety etc. Petro-Chemical E-charging, smart building, energy islands etc. How are Connected Community & 5G related opportunities emerging in the UK
  20. 20. What a 5G programme looks like – the consortia approach and role of an SI
  21. 21. Connected Communities & 5G Operating Model • Connected Ambulance • Intelligent Home • Remote GP Consultations • Mixed Reality - training and patientcare • Robotic Surgery • Smart building • Smart home • Mixed reality construction management • Digital Twin • Autonomous Machines • CAV • Congestion management • Smart parking • Smart bus stops • Connected Public Transport • Telematics • Smart Factory • Smart Supply Chain • Predictive Maintenance • Factory 5G Networks • Connected machines • Digital Citizen • Digital Inclusion • Economic Inclusion • Pollution (inc noise) Control • Street Lighting • Smart Bins • Rich mobile info • Remote office • Next Gen AR/VR • 5G Home • Video Calling • AR/VR Tourism • VR Sports/Music Event • Smart grid • Smart meters • Remote monitoring & maintenance • Improved demand forecasting • Fleet Mgt • EO / Satellite • Digital Twin • 3d Mapping & Visualisation • Cyber • Digital Transformation • UX / CX • 5G propagation algorithms • Cell placement algorithms • 5G Network Slicing • SON / AI networks • Spectrum Governance & Management • 5G Testbeds • Cloud • IoT streaming and architecture • MDM & GDPR • Analytics – ML/AI • Federated data and compute on edge • Geomatics UK 5G SI •BenefitsModelling •CommercialPlanning •BusinessTransformation •NetworkOperationsCentre •SecurityOperationsCentre •DataPlatformManagement •E2EGovernance •CyberSecurityMonitoring •ApplicationsManagement CommercialPlanning,Operations&ServicesManagement Example Platform Building Blocks Telco Infrastructure Data / Analytical Platforms “CITY / PLACE AS A PLATFORM” USE CASES – Example Verticals Consortia Build, Systems Integration, Programme Management, Governance Utilities Events/ Consumer Construction/ Housing Transport/ MaaS Healthcare Digital Governance Industry/ Manufacturing
  22. 22. Sustainable 5G development – at load and at scale – the biggest challenge
  23. 23. Questions