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Thames Valley Berkshire Smart City Cluster Challenge

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Thames Valley Berkshire Smart City Cluster Challenge presentation given by Rob McDonald of Peter Brett Associates at the IoT Thames Valley Meetup on 13th February 2019

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Thames Valley Berkshire Smart City Cluster Challenge

  1. 1. IoT Meetup Update to Smart City Cluster Project 13th February 2019
  2. 2. Project Partners
  3. 3. What are we Delivering? Smart City Platform LPWAN Network Open Data Platform £1.73m Capital Funding through LEP Smart City Governance – Cross Sector and Cross Authority Challenge funding of smart city solutions through competition
  4. 4. Projected LoRaWAN Coverage
  5. 5. Outline Programme and Calls • Currently Defining Challenges • Launch 1st Challenge Fund Call (£400k) – Mid March to end March 2019 (9 month delivery programme for applicants) • Launch 2nd Challenge Fund Call (approx. £500k) – around June 2019 • Deploy Core LoRa Network – February to May 2019
  6. 6. Example Challenges • Croydon – “we want to find a low cost Internet of Things solution to how we can measure the impact of construction sites on air pollution in surrounding areas” • London Borough of Sutton – “How can we promote independence and participation through enabling young adults with learning difficulties to travel independently and spontaneously? Include opportunities to receive assistance along the way and enabling parents / carers to be reassured?”
  7. 7. Draft Challenge Areas Vulnerable Citizens Challenges Adult Social Care / Health and Wellbeing – Eg home care, travel – reducing costs of service Transport – Movement of vulnerable people, improving health and wellbeing Energy - Fuel Poverty / better heating management Note: General areas as starting point for setting challenges – not indication of actual challenges.
  8. 8. Defining the Challenges – 1st Call - Draft • Procurement is being finalised so treat below as draft as it may be changed: • Each challenge to be for up to £100k of grant funding (400k total). Will award 4 or more projects. • Each of the 4 authorities is developing a challenge for the first call which will be delivered with the respective local authority.