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Red Hat: Self driving IT is here, and it's real

Join the always-thought provoking Chris Morgan for an update on the current state of the containerized IT landscape and how Red Hat and Dynatrace are transforming the current approach, leading the way to a self driving IT.

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Red Hat: Self driving IT is here, and it's real

  1. 1. Chris Morgan Global Technical Director, RedHat Self-driving IT is here, and it's real #Perform2018
  3. 3. 3 ENABLING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Containers are core to customer's journey to Self-driving IT New ways of developing, delivering, and integrating applications Application s More agile process across both IT and the business Process Modernize existing and build new cloud-based infrastructure Infrastructur e
  4. 4. WHAT ARE CONTAINERS? ● Isolated application processes on a shared Linux OS kernel ● Simpler, lighter, and denser than virtual machines ● Portable across different environments ● Package my application and all of its dependencies ● Deploy to any environment in seconds and enable CI/CD ● Easily access and share containerized components INFRASTRUCTURE APPLICATIONS IT DEPENDS WHO YOU ASK
  5. 5. TECHNICAL VALUE OF CONTAINERS DEVELOPERS, OPERATORS, HYBRID CLOUD ● Build Modern Apps ● Simplified Packaging ● Large OSS Community DevOps Agility ● Greater HW Efficiency ● Hybrid Cloud Portability ● Self-Service Platforms
  6. 6. 6 CONTAINER INFRASTRUCTURE Ensuring the foundation is in place CONTAINER CONTAINER CONTAINER LINUX CONTAINER HOST (KERNEL) LINUX O/S DEPENDENCY LINUX O/S DEPENDENCY LINUX O/S DEPENDENCY APP APP APP Linux OS host spans every container 1 2 Linux is in every single container CONTAINERS ARE LINUX Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the foundation and Red Hat OpenShift brings it to life!
  8. 8. 8 THE INDUSTRY IS CONVERGING ON KUBERNETES FOR CONTAINER ORCHESTRATION OTHER ORCHESTRATORS (Cloud Foundry Diego, Nomad, Blox, etc.) 2 YEARS AGO Fragmented landscape TODAY Kubernetes consolidation OTHER ORCHESTRATORS Red Hat bet early on Kubernetes. It has now become the dominant orchestration ecosystem
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Foundational for your NoOps journey 10
  11. 11. 11 TRANSFORMATION IS HAPPENING Applications Infrastructure Processes Monolith Datacenter Waterfall N-Tier Hosted Agile Microservices Hybrid DevOps
  12. 12. DEUTSCHE BANK - Technology Transformation “Delivering Everything as a Service. From 20% adoption to 40% in 1yr; planning to move 85% of all applications to OpenShift platform. We won the hearts and minds of developers.” -- Pat Healy, CTO, Deutsche Bank ● Macro trends are radically reshaping the banking industry ● Need to regain software expertise that was previously outsourced ● OpenShift replaced an internal, homegrown PaaS platform ● Over 300 internal projects moved to OpenShift ● 6x better efficiency of computing resources using containers and OpenShift. Driving overall utilization up via multi-tenancy. ● Leverage OpenShift across multiple public clouds. Ideas to Production, safely in a day. View the Deutsche Bank keynote
  13. 13. OPTUM - Digital Transformation Journey “Speed to Value” is one of our new business metrics. We’re now delivering application updates monthly or weekly. It’s about changing the operating model.” -- John Hodgson, Sr. Dir, Optum ● Technology arm of UnitedHealthcare Group (Fortune #6) ● 250k employees, 10k developers ● Redefining how software is used for healthcare ● Over 4000 applications on OpenShift ● 20+ Mission Critical applications on OpenShift, including all links to 3rd-party health providers ● Deploying new SaaS applications to over 19k desktops ● Moving from private data centers to Hybrid Cloud ● Building “Cloud Scaffolding” (push-button-infrastructure) for developers, in partnership with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs ● Technology Development Program hired 17 developers in 2009, which grew to 1600 developers in 2016. View the Optum keynote & view theCube interview
  14. 14. BMW GROUP - Evolving the Connected Car Digital customer experience, connected and automated driving and digitalized business processes lead to a transformation of the BMW Group towards software and services (Tech). ● Global manufacturer of luxury automobiles, motorcycles and engines. “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. ● Evolving in-vehicle communications and telematics for 15yrs. ● OpenShift platform enables BMW ConnectedDrive service. ● Enables Electric Cars, Service Calls, Real-Time Traffic, Driving Assistance, Autonomous Cars. ● Moving from Monolithic applications to Microservices, Containers and Kubernetes. Read the press release and view Red Hat Summit presentation.
  15. 15. THANK YOU