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EU Skills Panorama

Presentation Michael HORGAN (Policy officer at DG EAC) on the occasion of the EESC Seminar on 'Delivering on Skills' organised in Brussels on 17 November 2014.

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EU Skills Panorama

  1. 1. European Economic and Social Committee Delivering on skills: 17 November 2014 The EU Skills Panorama Michael Horgan, DG EMPL,C4
  2. 2. The EU Skills Panorama, why? For a more fluid and efficient labour market different actors need to take informed decisions based on skills needs and mis-matches
  3. 3. The EU Skills Panorama, what … ? •A central access point for information on skills needs and mismatches from various European and national sources
  4. 4. The EU Skills Panorama, what … ? Existing data and information organized by: Countries Sectors Occupations Skills
  5. 5. Eurostat European Sector Skill Councils National sources European Vacancy Monitor Cedefop employer survey/skills forecast From several sources of data on the skills market …
  6. 6. The EU Skills Panorama, what … ? •Not producing new data… •… but joining together data from different sources, •… and producing new analysis – intelligence - bridging over data from national and european sources
  7. 7. … what…? •Providing a single overview of European, national and sectoral findings on •skills needs up to 2025;
  8. 8. EU Skills Panorama ESCO Eurostat European Sector Skill Councils …and making it comparable National sources European Vacancy Monitor Cedefop employer survey/skills forecast … Creating a repository of skills- related data…
  9. 9. ESCO EU Skills Panorama Employers Jobs (skills demand) Education/training institutes Training opportunities EURES PLOTEUS Helping the labour market… … and the education/training sector … Demand and supply of skills … to better understand skills demand and supply
  10. 10. •Transferred responsibility to Cedefop, 1/01/2014, revamped version, April 2014 •Stage 1, improving content and user experience of existing site •Stage 2, develop dynamic website with enriched data for policy makers, experts •Stage 3, web-based tool giving career and skills advice to agencies, job-seekers and citizens •At The EU Skills Panorama – Where and When?