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7 RefWorks Editing references

  1. Editing references RefWorks 7
  2. Editing your references Continued on next slide…. You may need to edit your saved references, for example if some data is missing such as page numbers or publisher details. In order to edit you need to change the Display. The default Display is ‘Normal View’. Change to ‘Citation View. You can also change the referencing style by clicking on .
  3. Editing your references continued…. Continued on next slide…. ‘Citation View’ allows you to see what is missing from your references. Blue highlights indicate that this information is ‘possibly required’ by your chosen referencing style. Yellow highlighted fields are ‘required’. Click on the reference to open it in a side panel ready for editing.
  4. Editing your references continued…. Click on the highlighted fields to add information manually to the reference. When information has been added, click on ‘Save’. See next slide for other ways to edit your reference.
  5. You can also manually edit your references Click on a reference to open up the side bar. Then click on the pen symbol to edit manually by adding new fields e.g. ‘Translators’.
  6. Get suggestions to help edit references Check that the Ref(erence) Type is correct, then click on the lightning bolt , choose from the suggestions and click on ‘Save’.
  7. Need further help? Contact your Librarian: https://libguides.mdx.ac.uk/liaisonlibrarians Chat online with a Librarian: https://libguides.mdx.ac.uk/chat

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