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9 RefWorks Exporting from MathSciNet

  1. Exporting references from MathSciNet RefWorks 9
  2. To export references from MathSciNet Go To MathSciNet (myUniHub > MyStudy > MyLibrary > Databases > M) and carry out a search. Your search results will be displayed. Select the references that you want to export….
  3. Exporting references continued…. Select ‘Citations (BibTeX)’ from the drop- down menu by Batch Download. Then click on ‘Retrieve Marked’.
  4. You will now see a list of references Highlight the references and copy….
  5. Go to the ‘Start’ menu on your computer…. ….and choose ‘Middlesex Software’ from the menu. Then choose ‘Notepad’ from the list. Paste the list of references in to the Notepad (.txt file) and save on to your computer.
  6. Now open RefWorks Click on ‘+ Add’ and select ‘Import references’ from the drop-down menu.
  7. Select the saved file from your computer…. ….and click on ‘Open’.
  8. You will now see this Type ‘MathSciNet’ in to the search box, select ‘BibTeX[MathSciNet (AMS) (BibTeX format)]’, and click on ‘Import’.
  9. Your references will be imported to RefWorks Your references will automatically go to your ‘Last imported’ folder or you can assign to one of your other folders if you have already set them up. Click on ‘Import’ when you are ready. Then click ‘OK’. Your references will be imported.
  10. You may need to edit your references Click on a reference to open up the side bar. Then click on the pen symbol to edit either manually by adding new fields or by clicking on the lightning symbol for suggestions. More information about editing in RefWorks guide 7 (Editing References).
  11. Need further help? Contact your Librarian: Chat online with a Librarian:

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