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  1. Government polytechnic pune-16 Presentation on inplant training at sub- station Jawale sushant vikas 2St shift Electrical engineering 3Rd year K3 2022022
  2. Points 1. What is sub station 2. Use of sub station 3. Info. Of my training sub station 4. Equipment used in sub-station in short 5. Maintenance of sub station 6. Precaution taken in sub-station 7. conclusion
  3. 1. What is Sub-station . A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system Sub-station is an arrangement of equipments for changings some properties of electrical supply.
  4. • Basically a sub-station is a place where the power of supply changes, voltage level change, current level change,power factor chage also conversion of power takes place. • 33/11kV sub station is substation that convert high level voltage to low level voltage for convenience of power transmission or distribution. • Further voltage which is step down in Sub-station with improved power factor sent to distribute via. Distribution transformer. • The purpose of a substation is to ‘step down’ high voltage electricity from the transmission system to lower voltage electricity so it can be easily supplied to homes and businesses through our distribution lines. 2. What is use Of sub station ?
  5. 3.Info. Of sub-station • I have completed my implant training at the 33/11kV Sub-station of TER • Where the I have completed training under the operating staff • The incoming supply fed to sub station by 220/33kV sub station. • 33 kV voltage is step down to 11 kV with the help of huge transformers . • 2 transformers of rating 5 MVA 33/11kV are used in sub station. • With help of different devices & equipment we monitor the voltage, current, power factor, frequency,ect.
  6. 4. Equipments used in Sub-station in short. Sub station uses many equipment as a need of suppling suitable power to consumer We are going to see some of them. 1. Lighting arrestor most primary part is safty under it’s consideretion first thing you will notice is arrestor It’s function is to protect the sub station equipment from Lighting bolts.
  7. 2.Insulators:- Insulation is required for avoiding connection between current carrying conductor to ground , in two different phases. Insulation is dependent upon the voltage & current carried by it. Mostly now days the Insulators made up of porcelain or composite polymer materials
  8. 3. Conductor & Cable conductor is used to carrying current. For better transmission ACSR conductor is used. 4. Transformer. transformer is used to step down the current & voltage. Used transformer is of 5MVA 33/11kV.
  9. 1. Transformer tank 2. HV bushing Breather 3. LV bushing 4. Radiator/cooling fins 5. Cooling fans 6. Conservator tank 7. Explosion vent 8. Drain valve 9. Breather 10. Temperature indicator/ oil level indicator temp. Indicator 11. CT 12. Control panel
  10. 5. Isolator During the maintenance & repair the Isolator is used to isolate the Sub-station from power supply as well as from consumers side. 6. Instrumental transformer It includes CT & PT .
  11. CURRENT TRANSFORMER POTENTIAL TRANSFORMER Instrument transformer is use to measure the high voltage & current of the power system. Vai. Potential & current transformer.
  12. 7. Vaccum Circuit breaker (VCB) • Most widely used Circuit breaker in sub-station is VCB • VCB has very high dielectric strength. • In the 33kV Sub- station for safty porpose VCB is suitable.
  13. Capacitor bank • Capacitor bank is used to reduce the phase difference between the voltages and current. • Capacitor banks provide stable voltage level, reactive power support , and increasing power transfer capability in the power system. • Capacitor banks are mainly used to enhance the electrical supply quality and enhance the power systems efficiency. • By doing power factor correction.
  14. Guarding wire Relay KWH Meter Guarding is provided to 33kV substation incoming lines. Relays are used for controlling multiple circuits For daily load consumption
  15. 5. Maintenance of Sub-station. • Substation maintenance is a process of periodic, planned inspection of and, if necessary, repair, and replacement of all switchgear, buildings, and ancillary equipment in substation installations. • And on daily basis of inspection is done by operating staff. If any fault occurred in sub station unexpectly the operating staff does the maintenance. • In maintenance first thing is shutdown work of Sub-station. • Sub station required Routine inspection & cleaning. • Maintenance of circuit breaker.
  16. 6. Safty precautions taken in Sub-station. • Securing Perimeter Area. • Restricting or Prohibiting Visitor Access • Prohibiting Equipment Storage • Use of rubber Gulbs , shoes, helmets during working or checking • Displaying danger sign boards • These are the few tricks to keep our self safe. • Do’s 1. Wear rubber Gulbs, safety helmet,ect 2. Please sign ‘Men working’ or warning boards on the main switch before commencing work. 3. Always treat the circuit alive until you have proved them to be dead. • Don’ts 1. Don’t Touch any live equipment 2. Do not close any switch, unless you are familiar with the circuit which it controls and know the reason for it’s being opened. 3. Do not work on live circuit
  17. Conclusion We have seen the brief summary of Sub-station which includes work & it’s importants. We study the different equipment in Sub-station & structure of Sub-station. We introduce to precaution taken in Sub-station As a electricity is our need similarly Sub-station is important factor in power distribution & transmission. Thank you