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City of Houston Storm Water Section

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Presentation by City of Houston Storm Water Section on Esri European User Conference 2011.

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City of Houston Storm Water Section

  1. 1. City of Houston Storm Water Section
  2. 2. Storm Water Maintenance is currently responsible for maintaining more than 3,500 miles of storm water lines, 3,000 miles of roadside ditches, 75 miles of off-road ditches, and 160,000 inlets and manholes in the City of Houston
  3. 3. Houston faces potential natural disasters every summer. Through out the year Storm Water Maintenance repair and clean Storm Water lines.
  4. 4. Houston Storm Water Projects 12 Teams • 5 members per team • 1office personnel per team and 4 field personnel Jobs 3 year cycle personnel • 20 printed ESRI maps per week • 10 shared maps with edited data • Check 60,00 inlets and manholes per year • Inspected 240 miles of Storm Lines per year
  5. 5. Obstacles We had very unorganized way of storing completed map (Maps were folded and put in the file cabinet) There was no way of accessing maps at offsite locations The printed maps became damaged becauseThe printed maps became damaged because of daily handling Maps were lost because of human error and the project had to be reassigned to another crew to be completed again. Updates to GIMS process took over 3 weeks to make any changes.
  6. 6. Powered by ESRI the City of Houston Graphic information & management system
  7. 7. New improved Workflow A section is assigned to a field crew. Office personnel plots a map using ESRI and print a 34’ x 40’ using Hp T2300 The printed file is saved and shared with all office personnel Filed personnel check for errors and newFiled personnel check for errors and new additions to the Storm Water Line and make corrections on printed maps Completed edited maps are scanned and shared with GIMS teams via our database. GIMS teams makes corrections with in 2 days of receiving edited maps.
  8. 8. Plotted map printed and scanned using Hp T2300 eMFP
  9. 9. Database used with HP Slate 500 to enter data at offsite locations
  10. 10. Network Connected Design Jet Design Jet 4000
  11. 11. We upgraded our plotter with the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP
  12. 12. ePrint & Share online Library HP Print & Share
  13. 13. Benefits of using HP T2300 eMFP Capture • Printed and Modified Maps Share • Instantly share maps with EP&S from list of Store • Maps are stored in online Library with different Modified Maps • Built in scanner quickly scan maps either to EP&S , Network or Usb drive. maps with EP&S from list of contacts • Saves time from delivering scanned maps in person in online Library with different printing options • Access maps from offsite locations using online Library.
  14. 14. Plans for the Future