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"The Suitcase" Project Cloud QTR meeting presentation @ Disney/ABC

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The mission of the project and grantee is to explore changing technology in narrative form on a studio driven project. The 2015 short film and technical, test will further evaluate network based workflows with a focus on Metadata and High Dynamic Range. We have also added a VR component.

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"The Suitcase" Project Cloud QTR meeting presentation @ Disney/ABC

  2. 2. Next Generation Cloud Based Workflow Ingest, Transcode, Store, Orchestrate c4 Framework Integrate, Efficacy Metadata Collect, Manage, Interoperability, New Ontologies The Suitcase Core GOALS High Dynamic Range Adoption, ACES
  3. 3. 360 Camera Capture Narrative Experience, Live Stream The Suitcase Extended GOALS
  4. 4. Ingest Directly into the Cloud (Edge Landing Pad) Using a secure high-speed connection, ingest camera RAW files directly onto cloud storage. Transcode Utilizing Cloud Computing Using a private cloud store as the hub, transcode camera RAW files using either Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) or Google Compute. Take advantage of scalability and parallel processing to run all transcodes simultaneously. Utilize Private Cloud Storage as Centralized Data Store Using a private cloud store as a work in process store for applications such as Avid, Nuke, Maya, and After Effects. Next Generation Cloud BasedWorkflow Test Cases Utilize Orchestration Software to Integrate with Different Services Analyze and utilize Agnostic Orchestration Software to automate functions concerning movement and creation of digital media assets within the cloud pipeline.
  5. 5. Production Workflow 5
  6. 6. C4 ID management and integration Report on the qualitative value and ease of incorporating the C4 ID system for tracking digital assets across vendors and tools. JSON RESTful API deployment Integrate C4 compatible API’s with select production software applications and services to communicate within the C4 framework. Data authority and synchronization Evaluate the framework’s ability to resolve authoritative data sources, and the use of C4 IDs to authenticate data accuracy. c4 Framework Test Cases Automation Report on opportunities to improve production workflows using C4 enabled automation. User Impact Determine the effects of C4 on the processes of domain experts in production. Evaluation includes human factors, opportunities to improve existing departmental workflows, interoperability, and integration with established filmmaking processes. Software and Services Integration Efficacy
  7. 7. Collection and management Evaluate the improvements to the workflow, capture, storage and accessibility of metadata. Interoperability Evaluate methods for establishing reliable interoperability between data sources. Analyze practical considerations such as unified metadata storage vs data silo integration via framework. Input / Output Identify metadata inputs and outputs for key production software and hardware. Metadata Test Cases Ontologies Report on metadata needs of existing Ontologies, and what schemas are commonly applied to production metadata gathered. Identify areas of potential application such as marketing and distribution. Map a single set of metadata for the Suitcase to a structured ontology.
  8. 8. The Suitcase - Metadata Test Case
  9. 9. Metadata Test Case Requirement: Extract a single set of descrip3ve metadata for The Suitcase, mapped to a structured ontology. The Test Case Defini5ons Metadata (for our purposes) = informa3on about the content (as opposed to e.g. viewership informa3on) • Example: episode 3tle NOT Nielsen ra3ng Descrip5ve = informa3on about what is going on onscreen (as opposed to technical or opera3onal metadata); includes temporal metadata • Examples: characters, loca3ons, onscreen ac3ons, scene breaks Ontology = data model defining the rela3onships between aGributes of interest • Example: A character appears in a scene
  10. 10. Seman5c Ontologies Informa5on is represented as triples: A flexible, dynamic way to represent informa3on that facilitates the ability to run complex queries against the data set as well as applica3on development. Joe Franek isPlayedBy Mojean Aria Subject Predicate Object Triples can be linked together… Joe Franek Mojean Aria “I’m not the explosion kinda guy” Scene 7 playsCharacter hasDialogue occursIn …to help answer ques4ons like: what is the scene in which Mojean Aria’s character says “I’m not the explosion kinda guy”?
  11. 11. Metadata Applica5ons: General Search / Research: Search on granular facets and metadata fields Product Development: Power new products or features (personaliza3on, t- commerce, etc.) Analy5cs: Surface paGerns in our content that are not intui3ve.
  12. 12. Metadata Applica5ons: The Suitcase Efficiently search for and generate clips based on descrip5ve metadata, which are required for various purposes, including (1) marke5ng materials/promos; (2) actors (for reels). Sample queries: • “Retrieve a clip of the bomb scene for Chris4an” • “Retrieve 4me codes represen4ng the climax of the story, to send to the shop cuKng the trailer” Generate a set of informa5on that is useful to downstream distributors to help engineer new product features. Sample queries: • “Provide info about the talent onscreen at a given 4mecode, so that downstream distributor can surface biographical informa4on on a sidebar” • “Provide info about a piece of luggage onscreen at a par4cular 4mecode, so that a vendor can surface a link to purchase the object in ques4on”
  13. 13. Metadata Categories of Interest High Priority Lower Priority Character (appearances) Props/Objects Talent Wardrobe Locations/Settings Music Actions/Events (Car Crash, Explosion, Kiss, Argument) Event Types (Climax, Turning Point, etc.) Dialogue Scene/Shot Breaks
  14. 14. Stretch Goal: Upstream Metadata Extrac5on High Priority Lower Priority Character (appearances) Props/Objects Talent Wardrobe Locations/Settings Music Actions/Events (Car Crash, Explosion, Kiss, Argument) Event Types (Climax, Turning Point, etc.) Dialogue Scene/Shot Breaks Answer the ques3on: Can we extract authorita3ve, structured metadata from the produc3on process, rather than recrea3ng it downstream? Challenge: Richer metadata lives upstream (pre-produc4on/produc4on) but is subject to change — par4cularly difficult for temporal metadata. Data extracted towards the end of the post-produc4on workflow (par4cularly temporal informa4on) is more authorita4ve, but not always as robust. Final DraY Movie Magic ScriptE scenechronize SyncOnSet Avid
  15. 15. Metadata Extrac5on Workflow 1. Ontology crea5on CharTalent playsCharacter Events Kissing Driving Arguing Snooping etc. Characters Joe Franek Kelly Sully Dropo Donald Timilty etc. Controlled Vocabulary: Authority List: scenes with Donald Timilty 6. Architect search portal/APIs/alterna5ve solu5ons for surfacing data to end clients 2. Controlled vocabulary development + authority lists 3. Load ontology into seman5c database 4. Create instance data (“tag” The Suitcase final cut) 5. Construct queries for data extrac5on
  16. 16. scenechronize Camera Audio Movie Magic Final Draft AVID Editiorial PIX PIX Dallies DI/Matering Software Mark Logic C4 Framework SyncOnSet Grey Meta Colorfront Transkoder Source Metadata C4 Metadata Modified Metadata Key The Suitcase - Metadata Workflow Version 0.4 / September 1, 2015 Shotgun VFX Software VFX Creation Software MetaData Workflow 16
  17. 17. Adoption Report on production considerations for filming with HDR including departmental training, workflow, color grading and mastering. ACES Workflow Report on the application of an ACES HDR workflow to ensure consistent color management throughout. High Dynamic Range Test Cases
  18. 18. Camera The Suitcase - ACES / HDR Workflow Version 0.2 / October 14, 2015 On-Set DIT Cart Co-Lo DAM Cart OpenEXR 16-bit ACES REC2020 ODT Colorfront OSD ACES Master Colorfront OSD On-Set Monitoring HDR LUT Capture Post Deliver Colorfront Transkoder Primary Color Grade (Dual Grade) Camera RAW ACES EXR Delivery Grades Key P3 1000nit Graded OpenEXR REC709 Master P3 Master REC2020 Master ACES P3 ODT ACES REC709 ODT REC709 REC709 Metadata HDR Workflow 18
  19. 19. Interactive Linear 360 Narrative Design and shoot a narrative scene using a 360 camera. Live On Set 360 Streaming Use a 360 camera on set to live stream the production as it happens. 360 Camera Capture Test Cases
  21. 21. THE SUITCASE VIRTUAL REALITY VR COMPLIMENTVR LIVE STREAM Live stream a day on the production set in 360 degrees to a Mobile phone VR headset An immersive Prequal from the perspective of the terrorist and the suitcase
  22. 22. Live Stream in Virtual Reality Videostitch will live stream the set in 360 degrees on November 17th or 18th. This will be Viewable on the Wemersive app with a Samsung Gear VR Headset
  23. 23. VR COMPLIMENT w/Augmented Reality Projection Dome 360 Footage from VR Compliment Projected onto Geodesic Dome at Festivals. Audiences mobile phone acts as Augmented Reality X-Ray machine to see inside The Suitcase
  24. 24. Funding Partners
  25. 25. Infrastructure / Hardware Partners
  26. 26. Software Partners
  27. 27. Cloud Service Provider Partners
  28. 28. Studio Partners