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B2FIND - User training| |

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| | B2FIND - User training Version 07, June 2017: B2FIND is EUDAT’s simple, user friendly metadata catalogue allowing users to discover metadata from a wide range of scientific communities.

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B2FIND - User training| |

  1. 1. Find Research Data www.eudat.euEUDAT receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - DG CONNECT e-Infrastructures. Contract No. 654065 B2FIND Usage How to find data objects and collections using EUDAT’s B2FIND This work is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 licence Version 6 June 2017
  2. 2. What is B2FIND? B2FIND is the metadata service of EUDAT is based on a comprehensive joint metadata catalogue of research data collections stored in EUDAT data centres and other repositories provides a powerful and user- friendly discovery service on metadata covering a wide range of research communities 2 This image is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Taken from /60/13534595416502.png
  3. 3. Where is B2FIND in the EUDAT suite? 3 B2FIND stores metadata through other EUDAT services such as B2SHARE to provide access to data objects within the EUDAT CDI is used in inter- service use cases, e.g. to identify links to data collections, which will be transferred to HPC platforms through B2STAGE
  4. 4. With B2FIND you can... B2FIND – Find Research Data Browse through the large amounts of data that EUDAT stores from a broad range of disciplines Search the whole catalogue, which comprises collections of scientific data, irrespective of their origin, discipline or community Carry out faceted searches for geospatial or temporal coverage and textual properties, such as ‘Creator’ or ‘Publisher’ and many other facets Find and access scientific data objects relevant for your work
  5. 5. Data from a great selection of subjects 5 B2FIND has a truly cross-community approach Metadata are harvested from a wide range of research areas From Climate Research to Social Sciences From Biodiversity to Linguistics From Archaeology to Seismology This necessitates the transformation and homogenisation of the diverse metadata to achieve the usage of a common vocabulary for the whole catalogue This image is licensed under the Creative Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY- ND 2.0), taken from ey/304220561
  6. 6. Metadata Ingestion Workflow MD Generation MD Harvesting MD Mapping and Validation MD Uploading and Indexer Data Provider on Community site Service Provider on EUDAT site MD Repository and Provider The transformation process is part of the metadata ingestion (MD Mapping and Validation) shown in the diagram The individual workflow steps are described in detail in the related presentation ‘B2FIND Integration’ Note: While the original metadata are restructured, re-formatted and indexed to allow discovery and faceted search there is no change to the content
  7. 7. B2FIND communities B2FIND – Find Research Data B2FIND initially indexed metadata harvested from EUDAT core communities (such as ENES and CLARIN) and stored through the B2SHARE EUDAT service EUDAT extended and is extending the service to other external and reliable data and metadata providers The list of currently integrated communities is available at
  8. 8. B2FIND MD Catalogue Ingestion status 8 • > 470000 records • 17 communities • (16 external + B2SHARE)
  9. 9. B2FIND Discovery Portal Search and browse datasets Search and browse all data sets via Keyword searches Results displayed in easy to read format and listed in order of relevance to your search
  10. 10. B2FIND provides ‘faceted’ search for Free text Location Temporal coverage Publication year Textual facets: Communities Tags Creator Discipline Publisher etc. B2FIND Discovery Portal Faceted Search Dataset view provides Display of metadata Geo spatial extent Title and abstract Associated tags Table of field-value pairs Links to data resources
  11. 11. Data Access Resolved link to data object Link to (another landing page of) the data object View of originally harvested metadata record
  12. 12. Upcoming Improvements Address more communities and aggregators Improve functionality of portal, e.g. Include annotating function Taxonomies Customisation Templates and extendable facets for specific community needs Usage of vocabularies and ontologies Individually adapted user interfaces Improve quality of the metadata by Enhancement of the mapping and validation Continued exchange and feedback between the communities and the B2FIND team B2FIND – Find Research Data
  13. 13. More training material User training presentation In depth use instructions End-users Integration presentation: How to publish metadata Motivation and requirements to integrate with B2FIND Community decision-makers and facility managers Hands-on training material Usage and deployment tutorials Modules for different kinds of users
  14. 14. For more info: User documentation:
  15. 15. Authors Contributors This work is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 licence EUDAT receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - DG CONNECT e-Infrastructures. Contract No. 654065 Heinrich Widmann, DKRZ Hannes Thiemann, DKRZ Thank you