Ed capaldi Strategic Advisor and CEO Business Coach. Gazelles Rockefeller Habits 4 Decisions. Company Profile. Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, Asia

Strategic Advisor & Business Coach. I support Boards & CEOs transform Vision into Action & Strategy into Sales en Ed Capaldi LLC
29 de Jan de 2014

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Ed capaldi Strategic Advisor and CEO Business Coach. Gazelles Rockefeller Habits 4 Decisions. Company Profile. Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, Asia

  1. T: +971 4 380 8272 M: +971 50 653 3806 E: Skype: edward.capaldi Twitter: ed_capaldi
  2. Ed Capaldi Profile
  3. Ed Capaldi Profile A strategic advisor and business coach to over 100 high growth individuals & businesses across the region: 25 years „Lean‟ Management experience 20 years + General Management and leadership experience 20 years C-level IT Leadership 10 years C-level Regional Strategic Planning leadership 7 years Strategic Digital Transformation expertise 7 years Executive Coaching experience in the region 4 years as a Certified Four Decisions™ Gazelles coach 3 years as a Business Model Canvas™ consultant 3 years since co-founding CIO Arabia
  4. What My Clients Say Edward Capaldi is highly passionate, inspirational and result focused; he does not let anything get in the way of results, while keeping the people he works with well-motivated in an atmosphere of openness, respect and trust. His facilitation of a strategic workshop for Dubai Bank‟s Senior Management Team has resulted in us driving much higher, yet realistic targets. I believe the Rockefeller Habits and Edward‟s coaching would benefit many organizations and leaders in achieving their business goals and objectives. Giel-Jan M Van der Tol. CEO Dubai Bank PJSC I have known Ed Capaldi for over 20 years , and would recommend him highly to any prospective Client. His attention to detail and constant drive to develop one self but most importantly those around him was and still is exceptional. I aspire to achieving the standards Ed has set with his clients and colleagues in order to Drive the Business. Harry Afzal. Alternative Networks
  5. The Program for Growth™ Explained
  6. The Program for Growth explained The Program‟s value proposition is “To turn your vision into reality, fast whilst doubling your cash flow” I will provide you with simple tools and effective frameworks handcrafted to your exact needs to allow you to take faster and better decisions. You will double your cash flow and achieve higher profitability against your industry's benchmarks.
  7. The Program The Program for Growth is hand crafted to fit your exact needs from four core services, which can be used individually or as a mash-up. We will track progress quarter by quarter until your business has mastered the Four critical decisions growth companies must get right to maximize their revenue, profit and time. These decisions involve the areas of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.
  8. Simple Engagement Model An initial assessment, followed by a deep analysis of your pains and expected gains will lead to a fit of your needs against the Program‟s four service offerings. I will facilitate annual and quarterly strategic discussions with your team, priorities will be agreed with you and results-driven plans will be drawn up, I will then help you bring them into practice. Changes and progress will be assessed every 90 days to make sure they are in line with your needs and the master plan.
  9. Top Growth Pains experienced in the region 1. 2. 3. 4. Unclear Strategic Vision. Strategic Planning & Execution. IT & Business misaligned; IT cannot keep up. Leadership ill-equipped to take the right decisions about digital-based innovation & transformation. 5. People Problems – right seats, right people. 6. Cash - a choke point threatening growth. 7. Out-dated, Uncompetitive Business Models. As these pains take the business off focus and into the „too many things to do, not enough time to do them‟ danger zone they ultimately lead to slower poorer decision making and a loss of competitive advantage.
  10. Top Gains reported after taking the Program 1. Clarity & Alignment leading to Action & Focus across all lines of business. 2. Solid Sustainable Leadership Disciplines driving better, faster decisions. 3. Accountable, Results focused Culture. 4. Credible IT Advisory at Board Level. 5. High level of customer and employee loyalty. 6. Effective cash flow management fuelling growth. 7. Highly profitable Business Models. Allowing the leadership team to work „on‟ growing the business rather than getting bogged down working „in‟ the business.
  11. The Core Services at the heart of The Program Depending on the client‟s exact pains and their expected gains, the following core services will be used individually or within a handcrafted mash-up. Strategic Planning and Execution Service Providing you with the tools and frameworks from the Rockefeller Habits Four Decisions™ to take better, faster decisions. Business Modeling Service Learn to compete on business models and create customer value with the Value Proposition Canvas & make it profitable with the Business Model Canvas. .
  12. The Core Services at the heart of The Program Digital & IT Transformation Service Equipping your leaders to take the right decisions about digital-based innovation, and transform your „IT‟ into a highly effective business enabler to attain the profitability boost digitalization is known to deliver. Executive Coaching Service Supporting your key people manage through of growing the business and their careers. The Program for Growth is an Accelerator that is: 100% handcrafted. 100% measurable. 100% guaranteed to satisfy. the chaos
  13. What My Clients' Say
  14. What My Clients Say Ed has been instrumental in coaching the Rockefeller habits and in pushing me for a better alignment which would surely help the company's growth. His art of letting you questioning many of the business principles, visions, values and principles that one is used to was surely a catalyst for seeking further boundaries in my objectives and plans to succeed in every step , and taking the company to higher summits. I would strongly recommend Ed for any executive who wants to embrace new methodologies in his daily working life and in evolving his company's strategic vision. values and planning,...., all geared toward higher growth Ronald Diab Managing Director at EEG- Energy Efficiency Group sal Ed was born to coach. A great communicator and strategic thinker with passion and integrity second to none! I highly recommend his services to any CIO in the region Bassem Aboukhater, CIO, Re:Sources Middle East & Africa
  15. What My Clients Say Ed has the gift of bringing clarity to complex situations and help deal with it effectively. His sincerity and passion is evident in the results he generates Faizal Eledath. General Manager CIO at National Bank of Oman I have known Ed for the past 9 years, he is totally committed to his client‟s success, keeping you laser focused on achieving your end vision. He can be brutally honest and direct when needed yet we always have fun even when he is pushing hard to ease out those big fat white elephants we all procrastinate over. Ed‟s USP is in how he has adapted The Rockefeller Habits to our culture. The Habits combined with his adaptability have given us more focus, more discipline and more time to do the right things right, the result has been strong growth without the wheels ever falling off, today we have an above average customer retention rate and continue to grow effectively. The Rockefeller Habits is the single most important tool we have implemented to support our growth strategy Mohan Nagle, MD, Blue Ocean Systems
  16. What My Clients Say I had the pleasure of attending a workshop given by Ed earlier this year based on the Rockefeller Habits. As a new member of my firm and the Middle East he challenged, prodded, and brought humor while being faced with difficult transformations required to take us to the next level. His mission is clear, to serve world class leaders while supporting measurable goals, elevate and recognize best practices, and assist in achieving statues as a highly successful organization, not to mention his insight into exceeding individual personal growth. As you can see I‟m drinking his Kool-aid and so should you! Vicki Commeans. GM Contract Furniture Division, Inner Space LLC I have engaged Ed during my time as General Manager for Kofax ME FZE. My priority was to refocus and to find a better work life balance. The overwhelming results of Ed's capabilities as a visionary and innovative leader, a pleasant & generously sharing personality, as well as his thorough execution of applied and tested methodology has made it all more than worth the invested time and money. I thank Ed for all his insights and motivation and will for certain re-engage with him Carsten Gelzinus. GM Kofax ME
  17. What My Clients Say Ed's approach to bringing IT and the Business together is extremely effective, there is tremendous transparency between what the business needs and does and then in how IT sustains business growth. Business & IT long term strategic goals are not separated out, this collaborative approach means everyone is constantly focused on doing the right things and doing them right. Priorities for the year and for every quarter are aligned to a Business IT Balanced Scorecard, and progress against these priorities and KPIs is tracked and debated and where at risk adjusted during a weekly meeting in 'The Situation Room'. I myself have benefited greatly from being exposed to Ed's approach Hatem Manawy, Regional IT Director, Americana Group Passionate about Transformation; Always seeking new ways to develop new ideas. If you are looking for grounded advise on all matters related to IT and Business alignment and service provisioning, don‟t hesitate and call Ed, I‟m sure he will be of immense value. Tariq Elsadik. BIE Consulting
  18. What My Clients Say As a coach, Ed is a person who is not afraid at looking within oneself, thereby able to continuously improve the way he operates. Ed was able to stretch my comfort zone in order to achieve greater results, thereby meeting our goals in time and to high quality. He too would not dictate actions but would coach, guide one in the right direction and by having that belief/trust in oneself you would achieve. Strategizing is not a simple task, hence Ed decided to implement the basics and the first strategic point was to have a stable environment, thereafter this environment could easily be grown both vertically and horizontally. By having the first strategy in place one could then exploit this base and then align to the requirements of our business departments, due to having, stable and up to date systems. One other strategic point identified by Ed was to implement the ITIL framework, focusing primarily on incident, change and problem management and having established KPI‟s to ensure that – “what gets measured gets done” Marclino Fernandes, Al Nisr Publishing
  19. T: +971 4 380 8272 M: +971 50 653 3806 E: Skype: edward.capaldi Twitter: ed_capaldi