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2011 Edelman Trust in U.S. Financial Services Infographic

Highlights of findings from Edelman Financial Communications group’s second annual Trust in U.S. Financial Services Survey. The questions were fielded in November 2010 to gauge the level of trust individual investors feel in relation to financial services companies, professionals and regulations.

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2011 Edelman Trust in U.S. Financial Services Infographic

  1. 1. TRUST IN U.S. FINANCIAL SERVICES PRESENTED BY: increased 5% decreased 46% Financial services companies have acted in a greedy manner (57%) The industry itself has made the problems worse (18%) TRUST IN FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Other 21% 67% remained the same 48% 55% 49% 45% 43% 42% 37% 35% 32% pr pr co lar inv mu br l i fe fin op i va mm ok ge es an tua ert ins te era tm cia un na l fu y/c eq ur ge en ity tio l in an nd uit as 50% 47% tb na firm or sti ce ua yfi co an lb tut re lty co s mp rm ks an gio ion mp ins s ks an na si an ur ies lb ng ies an an en ce ks er co al mp need for expert & professional help to manage money an ies 60% 34%uncertain about value of large financial services firms for money management agree strongly agree somewhat disagree somewhat disagree strongly (don’t know) 62% 48% SOURCES OF FINANCIAL INFORMATION 36% CREDIBLE SOURCES OF INFORMATION YOUR BROKER, ADVISOR, AGENT OR BANKER 37% 14% PORTFOLIO MANAGER 15% FRIENDS OR FAMILY 14% 4% NEWS MEDIA 12% CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS SUCH AS 9% PRESS RELEASES, REPORTS, AND EMAILS (NONE) 7% CEO OR OTHER SENIOR EXECUTIVES 5% REGULATED LESS REGULATED MORE CURRENT REGULATION IS SUFFICENT DON’T KNOW DON’T KNOW YES Are there problems NO SO WHAT? beyond those addressed in Dodd-Frank? Government regulatory agencies such as the All the entities SEC or Federal Reserve should work together 21% 65% WHO SHOULD BE Financial services companies MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR ADDRESSING Other 6% PROBLEMS FACING 3% THE INDUSTRY? Congress Don’t know 3% 2%