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  2. Best Girls’ boarding schools in Dehradun • Dehradun is a renowned education hub in India. In Dehradun, there are many top-notch boarding schools that offer quality education to students. The schools are well known for their infrastructure and staff members. The teachers teach their students in the best possible way and make sure that they won’t face any problems in the future. • The atmosphere of girls’ only schools helps them grow better, they get the freedom to explore their interests and experience new things. As these girls’ schools also have a hostel facility, your ward will learn to live away from home. They will learn to live without their parents and will become more independent and responsible. • The girl’s boarding school in Dehradun provides a sound atmosphere to the students where they can grow academically and mentally. Apart from studies, these schools also focus on other aspects like sports, music, dance, art & craft, etc. These extracurricular activities keep the students physically fit and also make them mentally strong so that they can face any challenge in life easily.
  3. Advantages of Girl’s boarding schools in Dehradun: ⮚ Safe and secure environment. ⮚ Rigorous academic curriculum. ⮚ Facilities like a gymnasium, swimming pool, sports ground, and dance classes to encourage physical activities among students. ⮚ Quality education and value system that aims at building good citizens with a strong character and high moral values. ⮚ Highly skilled and qualified faculty members who assist in the overall development of their students.
  4. Let’s have a quick view of a few best Girl’s Boarding Schools in Dehradun…
  5. 1. Ecole Globale Girls International School 92% Infrastructure 91% 88% 88% Academics Placements Extracurricular
  6. Ecole Globale Girls International School • Full Boarding • CBSE,CAIE • Class 4th-12th • Established at 2012 • Fees structure- 823726 to 823726 /year • Village Horawalla Sahaspur It dwells in the laps of the magnificent Shivalik Ranges in the capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun. Ecole Globale was founded under the exemplary guidance of Mr. Amrjeet Juneja with the charitable trust of the Asian School. It is spread across an abundant land area of 40 acres and is situated away from the central city in a serene and peaceful environment. The school has also been mentioned among the top 10 schools in India in the surveys conducted by the India Today Group and Education World Magazine. The sports facilities in the school are world-class. An all-weather swimming pool, amphitheater, and gymnasium are included, and provisions for all the extra-curricular activities are present. Focus is provided on the overall personality enhancement of the students. The classrooms, library and laboratories are furnished with all the latest equipment and gadgets to ensure the best learning experience.
  7. 2. Welham Girls’ School 92% 91% 92% 90% Academics Infrastructure Administration Extracurricular
  8. Welham Girls’ School • Full Boarding • ICSE • Class Nursery-12th • Established at 1957 • Fees structure- 910000 to 910000/year • No. 19 - Municipal Road Dalanwala The founder of the school is H.S. Oliphant. The motto of the very school was “Artha Shanthi Phala vidya” ( The aim of Education is to bring the peace). The school has been identified as a top school in the country based on academic performance. The school has a surrounding of 12 acres. School says each student should participate in 2 events in each year. There activities are musical, creative activities- crafts, dramatic, sitar, tabla, vocal music, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, folk dance, photography. The school conduct competitive events on sports and arts for every year. They conduct career counselling, and life skills programs are offered. The sports include basketball, hockey, swimming pool, badminton, tennis, Karate, other sports and they also have indoor games. The school has won more tournament in basketball, and they represent Uttarakhand in National level. The school offers The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme program for its students. The school has cubs and societies the students involve and explore in the activities. The school offers nature club, quiz club, English debate, Hindi debate, music, dance and other activities. The notable alumni are Priyanka Gandhi, Aditi Vasudev, and some others.
  9. 3. Hopetown Girls’ School 88% 89% 89% 91% Academics Infrastructure Administration Extracurricular
  10. Hopetown Girls’ School • Full Boarding • ICSE • Class 6th-12th • Established at 1999 • Fees structure- 870000 to 870000 /year • Rajawala Road Selaqui It is a fully residential school for girls, located in Dehradun. The school has a lush green campus of 50 acres accommodating 500 students.It is an English medium school founded by Mr Kamal Sehgal. His primary objective was to build a school for 500 girls. The infrastructure of the school has been developed over the years. Mr Kamal's Vision has inspired the logo of the school. His aim was to choose a "happy girl" as the school's logo. The school was awarded for being the 4th best Girls' boarding school in India and 2nd in Uttarakhand for the year 2019- 2020. The award was received by the school's principal in New Delhi on September 28, 2019, from Education World India.
  11. 4. Vantage Hall Girls Residential School 89% 92% 90% 90% Academics Infrastructure Administration Extracurricular
  12. • Full Boarding • CBSE • Class 4th - 12th • Established at 2014 • Fees structure- 410000 to 480000/year • The Yellow Brick Road, Doonga, Dehradun Mrs. Neetaa Naidu is Principal of Vantage Hall Girls Residential School. It is located in Dehradun in the state of Uttarakhand. It is a Girl’s Boarding school. It is affiliated with the curriculum of the Central Board Of Secondary Education. In our school medium of learning is English. We run from classes 7th to 12th. School fees start from 4,95,000/- to 5,40,000/-In our school, we encourage achievement, team spirit & fitness through games and sports. We provide value-based learning for life developing citizenship. We have professional teachers and facilities for fostering the arts. We have facilities like Basketball, Indoor Badminton Tennis, Swimming pools and many more. Vantage Hall Girls’ Residential School
  13. 5. Shilgally Hills International Academy 86% 88% 88% 87% Academics Infrastructure Administration Extracurricular
  14. • Full Boarding • ICSE • Class 1st - 12th • Established at 2003 • Fees structure- 370000 to 475000/year • Shigally Estate near Shaheen Bagh Sigli via, Guniyal Gaon, Uttarakhand, 248003 It was promoted by G.S Babra and is a part of an education organization operating under the name of Babra institutes of Education Ltd with its head office in Nairobi, Kenya. The school is exclusive enough to aim at not only quality education but other activities that help shape students into better human beings. It has been recognized for India’s top 50 prestigious School jury award 2019. It surely is of distinguished reputation. The school has been awarded the innovative in education award. It holds the 7th position among the best-ranked boarding schools in India. In the field of sports too, the school has been able to prove itself. The students were National Champions in Basketball under the 16th category. It is a small school with a capacity of accommodating 200 girls.Facilities like computer lab, library, infirmary and smart classes. Girls at SIA are provided with recreational activities that keep them happily engaged, making them want to learn more. The school arranges for activities like swimming, basketball, yoga, horse riding, roller skating and many other sports. It also arranges adventure sports like trekking and water rafting for the students. Shilgally Hills International Academy
  15. 6. Convent of Jesus and Mary 84% 84% 85% 85% Academics Infrastructure Administration Extracurricular
  16. • Day Boarding, Full Boarding Day School • CBSE • Class 1st - 12th • Established at 1845 • Fees structure- 102000 to 298000/year • Waverley, Mussoorie Waverley Mussoorie Uttarakhand The school was founded by the sisters of a congregation of Jesus and Mary. Besides the excellent academic track, students also participate in other activities like dance and music. They are taught various musical instruments like harmonium, tabla, violin, sitar, guitar, piano, drums and synthesizer. They also learn contemporary and classical dance forms and display their talents in cultural events or annual concerts. Besides the above-stated activities, there are various clubs that students are a part of. These include the science club, literary club, ecology club, social service club. The school also gives much weightage to moral values and how children imbibe them. Value Education is, therefore, a part of the school's curriculum where teachers teach children the importance of values in one's life and how to become a better human being. The students bring excellent results every year, making the school faculties proud and setting examples before the juniors. Discipline and proper order are the basis of any convent school. That is what makes them different from any other school, and so CJM also lays much stress over the discipline, punctuality and courtesy of both students and the staff. Convent of Jesus and Mary
  17. 7. Him Jyoti School 87% 87% 87% 86% Academics Infrastructure Administration Extracurricular
  18. • Full Boarding Day • CBSE • Class 5th - 12th • Established at 2005 • Fees structure- 920000- 1100000/year • Sahastradhara Rd, Doon IT Park Govind Vihar Him Jyoti School was set up by Sudarshan Agarwal, former governor. This school is situated in the lap of the Himalayas, i.e. in Dehradun. The school provides education only for girls, around 280 girls in classes V to XII study here. The school is an English medium that obeys the C.B.S.E. curriculum. The school supports only the girls’ students that are handpicked from disadvantaged families like a bookbinder, a rickshaw puller, a sweeper, etc., .and allows them to learn ethical values, love, and trust. The school provides a residential building for living students, digital classrooms, libraries, etc. MISSION AND VISION- The mission of the school is to put the child in a place where friendly testing procedures and generate awareness for needs. The vision of the group is to make women fit right in place in society, and being a woman they should contribute to society in return. Him Jyoti School
  19. “ ” “When women are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.” Michelle Obama
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