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Houd je werkgeversmerk in topconditie

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What is Inbound Recruiting?
What is Inbound Recruiting?
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Houd je werkgeversmerk in topconditie

  1. 1. Houd je werkgeversmerk in topconditie Webcast
  2. 2. Even voorstellen Eelco van der Vorm Strategic Talent Brand Consultant Henk Ritmeester Senior Customer Success Manager Caroline de Vos Associate Marketing Manager
  3. 3. Volgens het Recruiting Trends rapport 2016 vindt 51% van de bedrijven het versterken van het werkgeversmerk een topprioriteit.
  4. 4. Agenda • Social Economics • Candidate journey • Employer Brand – Segmentation • Followers
  5. 5. Social Economics De stappen van Radio naar Internet
  6. 6. 7 The New Path to Hire: Flight Map
  7. 7. Employer Branding
  8. 8. Make an impact; Candidate Journey
  9. 9. Unaware How Employer Brand works for Talent Acquisition
  10. 10. Start the conversation Proactively bring those hard-to-reach candidates into your funnel Build relationships Win them over with content that matters to them in a voice they can relate to Convert From followers to candidates through outreach for the right opportunities Hire The right people, efficiently Aware Engaged Considering Hire Target Members Brand Ambassadors How Talent Brand works for Talent Acquisition
  11. 11. Talent Brand
  12. 12. Your talent brand is the highly social, totally public version of your employer brand that incorporates what your talent – past, present and potential - thinks, feels and shares about your company as a place to work. Evolving Language: The Emergence of Talent Brand
  13. 13. Lower cost per hire by up to 50%. Reduce employee turnover by up to 28%. Influence the conversation with candidates. If you don’t, someone else will. 91% of companies increased or maintained their talent brand spend in 2012. Source: What’s the Value of your Employment Brand? 3 reasons to invest in your talent brand
  14. 14. • Use Talent Brand Index to prioritize • Be real • Be personal • Be brave • Be consistent • Set your goals • Start at the top • Share compelling data • Bring partners to the table • Audit existing materials • Do your research: who, what, when, where & how STEP 1 Get buy-in STEP 2 Listen and learn STEP 3 Craft your approach STEP 4 Promote and engage STEP 5 Measure and adjust • Upgrade profiles (yours/team’s) • Leverage your employees’ presence via Work with Us • Brand via Jobs • Build out your hub – Company and Career Pages • Use targeted status updates and APIs to engage Five steps to a strong talent brand
  15. 15. Look in the mirror. Make sure that what you do (and don’t do) is what you’d like employees to emulate. Empower your employees. Lay out the goals and show them a clear, easy path to action. Inform your leadership. Use data to gain support, ease concerns, and help explain your choice of platforms. Target your messages. The more relevant your message is to a particular audience, the greater its impact will be. Make your culture shine. It’s never just about jobs. Focus on your people – their stories and emotions. Go viral. For amplified results, find creative ways to get more people talking about your company’s great culture. Be visual. Bold and colorful images, graphics, charts, and videos can bring your brand to life. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Show that your efforts are scalable and sustainable on one platform before moving on to another. 8 golden rules to promote and protect your talent brand 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Step 4: promote and engage, following these rules
  16. 16. Avoid overly-creative job titles. Tie the job to your LinkedIn Company Page. Give high-priority positions extra oomph with Sponsored Jobs SCIENCE 50% of job applications on LinkedIn are via paths other than search ART Use your job post as a talent brand vehicle. Showcase the position’s impact. Try a conversational tone. Craft job posts for passive AND active candidates
  17. 17. Think visually. Use bold images to give a real-world glimpse into your organization. Think digitally. Whatever you say, keep it brief. online, where attention spans are shorter. Think video. You’ll be able to engage candidates more deeply if they hear real people tell their own stories,. Think customized. Adapt your content to viewers based on their LinkedIn profiles. Target based on job function, industry, geography, etc. Make sure your Career Page has a clear owner! Create a strong hub via Company and Career Pages
  18. 18. Consumer Brand vs Employer Brand
  19. 19. The beauty of employer brand is you don’t need everybody to know your name. Only the right people.. #EmployerBrand
  20. 20. 22 of members want to see relevant and insightful content. of consumers trust relevant editorial content. Why segmentation matters 68% 58%
  21. 21. Media engages target members at multiple touch points 1. Recruitment Ads 2. Sponsored Updates 3. Sponsored Jobs
  22. 22. Followers
  25. 25. Of new hires followed their company before joining On average members start following a company 10 months before being hired Why? Holistic approach 25% 10
  26. 26. of survey respondents are more likely to consider the products & services of the companies they follow Why? Holistic approach 64%
  27. 27. “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know your doing it, but no one else does” E.W. Howe
  28. 28. 30 Content Marketing: ​ Producing information that engages your target audience to educate and convert Success in marketing today is not based solely on quantity; quality of engagement is essential.
  29. 29. 31
  30. 30. 32 Engage, Educate, Convert.
  31. 31. • Instead of being hunted and leaving, socially engaged employees like to stay at your company • That’s because they are more optimistic about the companies future and because they are more inspirerd. • Shortly put: it’s because you’re nurturing the Company #Pride
  32. 32. Educate Awareness 215,000 154,000 It takes 40.000 to tango!
  33. 33. Your employees’ social networks are over 10x larger than your company’s followers While only 2% of employees share your company’s social content, they’re responsible for 20% of your overall social engagement A small group of people drive big results
  34. 34. Every 6 pieces of content a LinkedIn member shares, it influences 6 2 6 3 1 profile views new connections job views company page views company page followers
  35. 35. 39 What can we create? (own branded content) What content can we share? (external content) Who is responsible for what types of content? When are certain topics more relevant? Who will be responsible for following up? Creating a content calendar
  36. 36. 40 Waar, wanneer en hoe je publiceert
  37. 37. 41 Engage & Educate
  38. 38. 42 Engage & Educate
  39. 39. 43 Convert
  40. 40. Wat maakt mensen gepassioneerd over je bedrijf? Transfomeer je Consumentenmerk in een Employer Brand
  41. 41. Video Coolblue - Pieter Transfomeer je Consumentenmerk in een Employer Brand
  42. 42. 1. Check out your profile and those of your colleagues. 2. Figure out what you need to say and to whom. 3. Start posting content to those different audiences. 4. Reach outside of your existing Followers. 5. Build awareness at scale, engage at scale and convert at scale. 5 things to do today!
  43. 43. Vragen
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