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Games and activiites for young learners
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Games for young learner

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Games for young learner

  1. 1. Games For Children Gordon Lewis with Gunther Bedson Created by: Selli Sukawati Erika Marta L Linda Pratiwi Neng Pipih S Siti Rohmah Sri Mulyani Fitria Afriana
  2. 2. Definition of Games • Games is an activity in which participant follow prescribe rules that differ from those of reality as strive to attain a challenging goal (heinich,, 1993:73)
  3. 3. What is a language game? • Language games are fun, games are also task based: English is a tool for the children to reach a goal which is not directly language related. Craft activities in the target language are also an example of this, as are songs.
  4. 4. The Characteristics Of Games • The Characteristics of games as cited by Evans (1979:128) are as follows: 1. Games are fun to play. 2. Games create active participatory learning. 3. Games provide immediate feedback. 4. Games are flexible . 5. Games are easy to create and reproduce.
  5. 5. Game Types According to this book. • Movement games • Card games • Board games • Dice games • Drawing games • Guessing games • Role-play games • Singing and chanting games • Team games • Word games Based on Russel • Co-operative • Competitive
  6. 6. Why use games in EFL Classroom? • Games are fun and children like to play them. Playing games is a vital and natural part of growing up and learning. Through games children experiment, discover, and interact with their environment. • Games add variation to a lesson and increase motivation by providing a plausible incentive to use the target language.
  7. 7. Games As Media In Language Learning • The aim of language games is to integrate the learning activity and playing, so that English could be implemented in daily life. • Students should know English in context, so that they know how to communicate in English. This involves the productive skills and the receptive skills (Prasad, 2003:86)
  8. 8. Here are some other basic points you may want to consider: • A game must be more than just fun • Play different games from lesson to lesson • Vary the order in which you play games • Always end an activity when the fun is still at its peak • Think ahead • Making games into part of the syllabus
  9. 9. Language level
  10. 10. Class size • Turn players into teams • Set up ‘game stations’ in the classroom
  11. 11. Dealing with children who are ‘out’ of games Two interesting strategies are: • A ‘consolation’ round • The central game board
  12. 12. The advantage • The advantages of games in language teaching learning: 1. Games is fun and interesting to play 2. Game can create an active participation from the student: 3. Game can give feedback 4. Game is flexible 5. Game can be created and multiplied easly (Sadiman,2003:78)
  13. 13. The advantages Horison in Holden (1986:88) • Games can be provide pratice in all four language skills, namely: listening, speaking, writing, the nature enjoyment of the children in playing games can make learning easy and effective Dawson (2000:89) • Games represent a disturbance of the traditional organization of the classroom • The real limitation of game is that they provide few opportunities for input of new language
  14. 14. The Disadvantages of games based on the expert 1. Game is wasting valuable time 2. Game creates lack of seriousness atmosphere in the classroom 3. Game creates winner and losers, where the losers could lose confidents (Mc Leod, 2002:2)
  15. 15. Reference Advantages • A lot of argument from the expert they are: 1. Sadiman (2003:78) 2. Harison in holden (1986:88) 3. Uberman (1982:12) Disadvantages 1. Mc leod, (2002:2) 2. Dawson (2000:2)
  16. 16. The Aspects Of Games: • Type of game • Aims • Age • Group size • Time • Materials • Descriptions • Preparation • Procedures • Variations • Comment
  17. 17. Reference of book • Games for children (Gordon Lewis with Gunther Bedson) • The effectiveness of binggo game in Learning english vo
  18. 18. Thanks For The Attention..
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