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How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about newspapers and magazines? Plentiful, all too similar online content is Strongly agree Moderately agree devalued by consumers. Moderately disagree Strongly disagree Unsure In line with our previously discussed findings, three in four I should get free access to the digital or online 55% 27 6 8 5 newspaper and magazine readers (76%) prefer reading print issues if I already have a print subscription newspapers and magazines over digital versions [Figure 2]. I should get free access to back issues if I buy a digital subscription 43%47% 33 8 7 5 This preference drops to two in three (67%) among younger The quality of the content is more 37% 40 5 13 4 consumers. important than the format I only read certain sections regularly 32% 44 3 14 7 While the majority of those surveyed appreciate the convenience I prefer reading print publications 43% 33 5 13 5 of digital delivery (59%), many value print more highly. Many people (49%) indicated that they would pay more for a physical I like receiving new editions the minute they are published 28% 41 7 16 7 copy than the online version, and a whopping 82% believe I should be able to loan content to someone print subscriptions should come free with digital access. Most 27% 34 14 16 9 else if I buy a digital subscription consumers are also exhibiting signs of content fatigue, with 60% Content seems similar from publication to publication 17% 43 8 24 8 finding print and digital articles to be similar from one publication I like being able to read on any device, 27% 32 10 17 14 to the next. anywhere, anytime I would pay more for the print issue than the online or digital issue 16% 33 11 22 18 In a competitive media landscape, newspapers and magazines I like being able to start reading on one device and 19% 28 16 18 18 clearly are facing an uphill battle to maintain and monetizecontinue reading from where I left off on another device customer relationships. Years of ad-supported free websites and 28 discounted subscriptions have accustomed consumers to pay 0% 100% little or nothing for digital content. Base: 1,010 US adult newspaper and/or magazine readers [Figure 2]4 The Future of Newspapers and Magazines in the Digital Era

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