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Readers spend little on digital publications, so far. Of those surveyed, 15% spent more than $100 in the past year In the past year, how much did you pay for on print publications alone, with 5% paying a similar amount for newspapers and magazines in the following formats: combined print and digital subscriptions [Figure 4]. Only 16% spent anything at all on digital newspapers and magazines Over $100 $26-$50 $0 alone. Although subscription payment services were announced $51-$100 $25 or less Don’t remember in February by both Apple and Google, a large scale market, wherein users pay for exclusive access to digital publications, Print issues and subscriptions of newspapers 15% 16 17 30 17 5 has not yet developed. and magazines onlyCombined print and digital subscriptions of newspapers In line with their reading habits, older consumers (55+) tend to 5% 4 6 14 64 7 and magazines (e.g., single price to get both versions) be the biggest print spenders, but are unaccustomed to paying Digital or online issues and subscriptions of for digital access. In sharp contrast, while younger consumers newspapers and magazines only 11 4 10% 78 5 continue to buy print publications, 32% also paid to access digital newspapers and magazines in the past year. Having 0% 100% watched ecommerce apps become commonplace, members of Gen Y (ages 18-34) are used to buying digital content such as Base: 1,010 US adult newspaper and/or magazine readers [Figure 4] movies. However, even younger consumers are reluctant to pay much for content; most of those who bought digital publications last year spent under $25, with just a tiny percentage (4%) paying $100 plus.6 The Future of Newspapers and Magazines in the Digital Era

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