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With regard to digital or online magazines and newspapers, how likely are you to pay for the following (if available)? Specialized content and back issues are Very likely Somewhat likely worth paying for. Not very likely Not at all likely Unsure When readers were asked what content they might be willing to pay for, in-depth information and expert advice (63%) and back- Ability to obtain in-depth information or expert advice on a topic of interest 26% 37 3 18 17 issue access (60%) [Figure 8] topped the list (and were found Access to back issues 23% 37 2 21 17 to be particularly important to university educated and younger readers, ages 18-34). Ability to read without ads 29% 31 2 21 17 The right to re-use the content in your own projects 17% 31 2 24 25 Despite their willingness to view ads in exchange for free access Games, products or services associated 17% 29 2 2829 23 [Figure 6], many consumers (60%) would consider paying to with the publicationWorkshops, events or educational courses view ad-free content [Figure 8]. This sentiment resonates most 13% 28 3 31 25 associated with the publication strongly with a younger demographic. Members of Gen Y show interest in publication-related games, products, and services as 0% 100% well; this demographic is significantly more likely than average to pay for these types of ancillary offerings. Base: 1,010 US adult newspaper and/or magazine readers [Figure 8]10 The Future of Newspapers and Magazines in the Digital Era

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