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Laptops Buyer Guide

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When you're shopping for a laptop, you need to pick not only the make and model you want, but also the configuration. While a few available models offer only one set of specs, many come in several flavors with different options for processors, RAM, storage, screens, batteries or Wi-Fi cards.

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Laptops Buyer Guide

  1. 1. Laptop Buyer Guide
  2. 2. Laptops are available in wide variety of sizes, Specification, Memory and also prices. Feature choosing for the right laptop a challenge. Here we figure out some important feature which is buyer need to compare Before Buy Laptop or even desktop also
  3. 3. Select Right Size Laptop Screen Size are commonly – inches {11 to 18}
  4. 4. Select Right Technical Specification Laptop Spécifications some are Non-changeable parts CPU – Cores, MHz
  5. 5. Select Right Hard Drive Disk Drive: HDD – Slowest performance SHDD – HDD for size with small SSD for speed SSD – fastest speed, greatest £/Gigabyte 6
  6. 6. Plan a Budget Good value laptops at several price points