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  1. Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León Facultad De Ciencias Políticas Y Relaciones Internacionales English: Begginer PÍA: Comparing lifestyles Miss: Zaira Name: Fatima Elizabeth Ramos García Number Student: 1930658
  2. ID TARGET Name: Fátima Elizabeth Last name: Ramos García Birthday: June 8th, 2002​ Country: ​Garcia. N.L. Mexico Nationality: Mexican E-mail:​ Phone number: 8119817233 ID TARGET Name: Matthew Last name: Daddario Birthday: October 1fr, 1987​ Country: New York City, U.S.A Nationality: American E-mail:​ Phone number: 8187345839​ Personal information (ID)
  3. Family members My family • Mother: Sara García • Father: Eliseo Ramos • Young Sister : Elina Ramos • Grand-mother (paternal):Fransica Ramos • Grand-mother (maternal): Guadalupe Chantaca His family • Mother: Christina Daddario • Father :RichardDaddario • Older Sister : Alexandra Daddario • Young Sister: Catharine Daddario • Wife :Esther Kim
  4. Eating habits I usually drink chocolatein the morning He always drink coffee in the morning He always drink water when play American football I usually eat spaghettiwhile read I rarely drink water He rarely eat salad in the restaurant
  5. I like popsiclein the evening while do crafts he like drink wine while work in his office
  6. Daily routine and habits I usually breakfast He usually goes for a run in the morning I always read in the morning and in the afternoon I have lunch with my family He usually work in his office He has lunch in a restaurant near his office
  7. I dinner with my family He dinner with his wife I do crafts in the evening He usually visit his family I dreams at 11 in the night He dreams at 11 in the night whit his wife
  8. Weather Here in García, with cold weather i can have coffee at home There in New York, with cold weather he can play with snow Here with hot weather I can have play with water or outdoors There with hot weather he can play outdoorsor go to amusement or water park
  9. Here or there with rain weather we can‘t leaved home, but at home we can watch a movie or play a board game Here or there with mild weather we can do what we prefer
  10. SEASON Here in García There in New York December, January and February March, April and May Winter (Cold snowy, windy and snowfall) Spring (Mild) Winter (rainy, cold) Spring (hot, storm and hailstorm)
  11. Fall (windy and warmy ) September, October and November June, July and August Fall (windy and warmy ) summer (hot, sunny, windy and warmy) summer (sunny and windy )