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Best companies to work for compass therapeutics

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Compass is delighted to have been named a winner of the Best Companies To Work For by Business NH Magazine! Congratulations to our team!

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Best companies to work for compass therapeutics

  1. 1. his antibody discovery compa- ny aims to cure cancer. Given this lofty goal, it should be no surprise it thinks equally big when it comes to employee benefits and culture. The startup’s employ- ees own 20 to 30 percent of the company through an employee stock option program and can receive up to $26,800 in adoption assistance, half from the company and half from the Anderson Family Foundation. Em- ployees receive unlimited paid time off and are trusted to get their work done. The com- pany also offers sabbaticals separate from the unlimited time-off policy, increasing initially from three days to four weeks every four years. Scientists can spend up to $10,000 as they choose to outfit their labs with what they need to do their jobs. And when it comes to celebrating, the company presents employees $100 on their birthday to spend on themselves and a $100 gift card on their half birthday, which they must give to some- one else and say why at a company meeting. Both kids and pets are welcome at the of- fice and the company pays 90 percent of the health care premium and deductible. n Front row from left: Andrea Moore, senior accountant and operations associate; Sara Haserlat, scientist; Thomas Schuetz, co- founder and CEO; Pam Carroll, senior VP of research. Back row from left: Shawn Cogan, principal associate scientist; Errik Anderson, co-founder, president and COO; Daniel Bessette, head of research operations; Mike Schmidt, director of protein engineering; Elizabeth Roberts, HR and operations associate 44 South Main St. Suite 2, Hanover CEO: Thomas Schuetz Years in Business in NH: 1 Full-Time Employees: 7 Years on List: 1 Best Company to Work For Compass Therapeutics, LLC T © Business NH Magazine, September 2015. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.