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Question 1 evaluation

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Question 1 evaluation

  1. 1. t WrighEllen
  2. 2.  Whil s able t plannin t g audi o identify the mus eo: e ic conv nce, that that to at video I e I tr w also ntions of needed act the t as o b to ar c Vid vide f the rom oth mus follow m get o. a ic inco From th ntic gen videos any rp is re b aute orate: G I was ab of my m ut ur th  By eory oodwin’s le to usi c and iden t ify micr theory, th o ele eM usi the r elev ing each men ts. was an able t areas conventi conv to fo on entio both fo r a music of all ns. llow and video I defy
  3. 3. Theory Image Example (extract from music video) Analysis:The lyrics are linked As the lyrics suggest the couple are sitting thereto what is seen on the holding hands. The high angle shot indicates to thescreen female target audience that this is what they the audience desire, but also this indicates the romantic genreThe music is linked As the tempo of the music is slow the passive actionsto the visual material by the protagonist and antagonist incorporate this, which is shown through the protagonist walking or waiting for her date. The walking shows her thinking about her lover, the waiting for her date indicates that she is similar to the target audience and she too doesn’t have a perfect relationshipMusic video The natural theme running throughout the music is indemonstrates genre keeping with the romantic genre, this in combinationcharacteristic with the with the rose motif, is although cliché emphasises the genre
  4. 4. Theory Image Example (extract from music video) Analysis:Demands of the The motif in my music video is the rose which isrecord label- close given as a gift by the lover, it symbolises love andups/ developing passion however at the end of the music video it is amotif symbolism of the broken relationship. There are many closes ups throughout the video whilst the artist lip syncs, whilst developing audiences familiarityReferences to The artist looks into the mirror as she signifies thelooking equilibrium returning, as she makes her decision to remove the antagonist from her lifeIntertextuality The rose motif is plays an intertextual role as it refers to multiple romantic films such as: Beauty and the Beast
  5. 5. Micro Elements
  6. 6. The Auteur Theory
  7. 7. not aareas, ory is two r the other , I think uteuo the the Ared t style such asf that mpa g myichés lism o e hink nt co evelopin of cl mbo I havI t va rele m still de the use t is a sythe end oes a s I a explor ause tha yet at ore it g in that I ose, bec sion and therefthe roseat it can d the r and pas ak it an ecause , not th le is to love artist bre liché b of hope my sty the inst the cs a signre I think aga y films itherefo man roken, hés. be blore clic exp
  8. 8.  Ther e Digi were ma pa n from k and I y stages t fe f sign he music lt that th or the if i v e desi cant in t ideo wo f eedbac p ak: gn. he o  Thr vera uld be k ll Dig ough ipak crea using te P insp mood b olyvoreDigi ire m o I  T hr y fin ards wh was abl al p r i e to ough oduc ch help want out a t to a ll of throu theme t my m ed ghou o be  In t t. runn ia produ his c ing cts, I natu as re an e the the over d m all d a haunt e of the igip a ing t r k. one ose, to th e
  9. 9. Co lo Digip ur Them a e track k name – The te l a x to m ist being nd artist t is red fo ak n r the i e every white. I u ame, wit the solat t h the and ed re hing bla sed a Gr eye c a catch d colour k and wh dient too t: was Ar ing more ite so tha lF ron tist n t the t ame dr a m hem – a pp atic e of ears love Di gipa and in red, l nam k Tit pass inkin e in le – a ion g to artis b old ppea t na m , is in rs e the s below th a me text e Artist style as th e
  10. 10. Ar tis foreg t image r – settin ound of Is locate g th 3 sugg behind e picture d in the estin , g tha the artist with a be Ro t it is i d se m oti a bro s not on t room the D ken h i gi pa f – i s f ea roma e bed ed: withi k tu nce n thi , to illus red in a the m s Di g t ll us i c ipak rate the t four sid insid v ,w he es n tinu e cov ideo, thi hilst als me of lo of er . s clic o v hé is linking t e brok o en o n the t CoFron
  11. 11.  Tr ac hand k list – ap w p woul ritten lin ears in a d k w a dia perhaps ing to the hite text gona b , l line e keepin target au which loo arou g d nd th a dairy. ience wh ks Ar ti s t i m e art corn a er, lo ge – her ist im The text i o oking focus age n on Co up to is on : de of the r the toBac k innoc dres o se p rig ent v s – To ht ha code ictim portr nd of dr i n t hi ay th distr e s e ess, w ss conve relation artist as that s i ys sh t he he is th a glow the stere ip with lo ange arou v lic nd he otype of d e, the r hea a d sug msel in gesti ng
  12. 12. Ro se altho motif – is u f corn gh it is sti aded into er of l the c l promin the back o ve r ent i n g the r round, Ba . ckgr fake, oun ight h some d – show and to one t s the hat th a e tar rtist as na get a udien tural, not Ba d: rcod purc e – th ce ca hase is ind n rel d icate ate s th a inu e Re t this co corn rd label prod uct c e r, I – is lo an be resea was i cated r nflue in th label ch and de n ce d by m e top left as Sa c ra Ba ided to u yc ha reille se th ase study nd C on t s e sam e rec ordBa ck
  13. 13. Ly ri c book Book – I r d woul ather tha ecided to d be n more a ‘thank use this t you’ r suita mess ay for the Ro se M bl e oti age a l stem of the f – is show s I th yr i c rose n ough Tr aditio bein as a brok t it g sn a e n cl pictu n pped i ch é re of – there is e: throu is jux the c a pic gh th tapos ouple ture e ed b toge fram eoI nsid y the th brok er showi n the wa e n cl ng g l iché ood t l with a imes , th i s
  14. 14. Ro se the C motif – th D i stem tray, wit s is the on .T h l throu he rose the rose y image o g is it n in a d h the use a burnin self with a o g no brea rk red co f the flam flame, ki lo e throu ng down ur, to em paint br ray gh th o p u e col f the rela hasise th sh our s t e ymbo ionship lismsCD T .
  15. 15. Sta r revie rating fol w lo gave s by the ws the co a co n is po 5 star ra lour bein vention o p t Re ular and ing to sho g yellow f star vi de w .I 14 w ew quote sirable. that my a hi from rtist my a ch has a e r: maga r simil So tist ar tar zine – I u cia get a s socia l networ udien ed J-Post l appe networki aring ks – t ng si at the he m o tes w st up to d ce as botto ith t ate m rig heir logo ht of s the
  16. 16. W he iTune re to purc Im s logo hase it – s h ag e o o wn botto f Dig throu m r ig ipak gh show ht ha – fea the a nd co tured like. udien rner at ce w on di the Ex hat th ag e r: tras – e ins onal, to Te v ide lo xt – A ideo exc oks red, ll wit lusiv p hin e the r ink, white one colPost om n – Digip antic ge these co r theme ou of a lo name k, artist n re. Same urs conn appe ame f o te ars b in bo ont as elow ld in thi and Digi nner p text. ak
  17. 17. Conv e n t io Rom ns of antic t he genr e
  18. 18. Mu s ic V i d eo
  19. 19. My musi agai c nst th video g a ‘h a e c on o es p fema py endi vention le pr ng’ a away otag s the of down from the onist wa l there relation broken ks artis fore ship. t as a portrays This char acte strong f the s ub s r wh em a i l anot idiary fo ch as a e her c llowsthe r onve om a ntic ntion of genr e.
  20. 20.  T he by themotion the s e narra al appe the v ong, thi tive withal is infl emo isuals ins is then in the l uenced maintional ap the mu reciproyrics of crea conven peal is sic vide cated in betwtes a str tion of t the one o. The the meen the onger c his gen of the edia targe onnec re and This prod t aud tion uct. ienc emp emotion e an ups a hasis al ap d ed pe vide nd lip s by the r al isthe a o – this yncing egularup st ncillaryis later din the mclose ill im t e u agesexts thro velopedsic ugh the cin lo s e
  21. 21.  The ro indic se, a clic a h appe tor of the é motif o a f this r rance of romantic romance o t  Th se with thehis motif cge nre, the rie a clear e r at e s is co artis s an gula deve mbin t. asso r ed w p ak lo ciati howe ps the c ith the on o f ver t onve simp I us e he m ntion listic d u t imag assu this for sic video hat love e me t ha dram juxta shou s used, vide a ld Digi o wil t from th tic effec poses th be eas only lh e ta is y for th ave the ancillar s the au , howeve the s e s y d r trong re to be tereotpy texts tha ience  Th fema a ia c tt e ros le ch sudden t l happy he music arac w e the g e motif ter w ist in ev nding, r i alks e lips o adient to s empha away nts and rt an d nab o sis . the l ip lack l in the a ed throu a d g of th s and as nd white vert – th h the us e rom a i e e antic subsidia mage dr isolated of genr ry re a re e. mind ws attent d s the io audi n to enceAd ve